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Star trek: The original series 1.08a - The menagerie

Stardate 3012.4
Threat advisory: Guarded - General risk of entertaining activities

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Spock (Leonard Nimoy) tricks Captain Kirk (William Shatner) into diverting the Enterprise to Starbase 11. Here, they discover Captain Pike (Sean Kenney), the former commanding officer of Kirk's ship. Tragically, he has been gruesomely disabled whilst rescuing cadets from a damaged starship. Inexplicably, Spock kidnaps Pike and hijacks the Enterprise and takes it to Talos IV...

Persons of interest

  • William Shatner .... Captain James Tiberius Kirk
  • Leonard Nimoy .... Commander Spock
  • Deforest Kelley .... Doctor Leonard H McCoy
  • James Doohan .... Lieutenant Montgomery Scott
  • Nichelle Nichols .... Lieutenant Uhura
  • George Takei .... Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
  • Walter Koenig .... Ensign Pavel Andreievich Chekov
  • Majel Barrett .... Nurse Christine Chapel
  • Grace Lee Whitney .... Yeoman Janice Rand
  • Sean Kenney .... Captain Pike
  • Malachi Throne .... Commodore Mendez
  • Hagan Beggs .... Ensign Hansen
  • Julie Parrish .... Miss Piper
  • Gene Roddenberry .... Screenwriter
  • Marc Daniels .... Director
  • The cage:
  • Jeffrey Hunter .... Captain Pike
  • Leonard Nimoy .... Spock
  • Susan Oliver .... Vina
  • Majel Leigh Hudec .... Number One
  • Peter Duryea .... Lieutenant Tyler
  • John Hoyt .... Doctor Boyce
  • Meg Wylie .... The Keeper
  • Malachi Throne .... The Keeper (voice)
  • Adam Roarke .... Chief Petty Officer Garrison
  • Gene Roddenberry .... Screenwriter
  • Robert Butler .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Intelligence report

The menagerie is a cheap way of utilising the film shot for the first Star trek pilot, The cage. if you've seen it before, do not bother to watch these episodes. If you haven't, then don't be confused when things don't quite gel and don't expect great things. The "Watch this recording and all will be revealed" trick has never worked at any time in the history of anything. A general disappointment.

Security censorship classification

PG (Low level violence)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 9 September2004

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Star trek: The original series - The menagerie stillStar trek: The original series - The menagerie stillStar trek: The original series - The menagerie stillStar trek: The original series - The menagerie still

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