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Star trek: The next generation 5.11b - Imaginary friend

Stardate 45852.1
Threat advisory: Under evaluation

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Due to her father Daniel Sutter's (Jeff Allin) Starfleet career, little Clara Sutter (Noley Thornton) has spent most of her childhood alone. Troi reassures the child's father that her creation of an imaginary friend, Isabella (Shay Astar), is harmless. However, things change when the playmate becomes real and threatens to destroy the Enterprise.

Persons of interest

  • Patrick Stewart .... Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Jonathan Frakes .... Commander Will Riker
  • Michael Dorn .... Lieutenant Worf
  • Brent Spiner .... Lieutenant Commander Data
  • Gates McFadden .... Commander Doctor Beverly Crusher
  • Marina Sirtis .... Lieutenant Commander Counsellor Deanna Troi
  • LeVar Burton .... Commander Geordi La Forge
  • Majel Barrett .... USS Enterprise-D computer voice
  • Jeff Allin .... Daniel Sutter
  • Noley Thornton .... Clara Sutter
  • Shay Astar .... Isabella
  • Brian Bonsall .... Alexander
  • Patti Yasutake .... Alyssa Ogawa
  • Sheila Franklin .... an Ensign
  • Jean Louise Matthias .... Storywriter
  • Ronald Wilkerson .... Storywriter
  • Richard Fliegel .... Storywriter
  • Edith Swensen .... Screenwriter
  • Brannon Braga .... Screenwriter
  • Gabrielle Beaumont .... Director

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Security censorship classification

PG (Adult themes)

Not for public release in Australia before date

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