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Star trek: The next generation 5.08a - Power play

Stardate 45571.2
Threat advisory: Under evaluation

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A subspace distress signal that seems to be emanating from a Starfleet ship lures the Enterprise to a seemingly uninhabited moon. The last recorded Starfleet presence in the area was the disappearance of the starship Essex two centuries before, but Troi insists she senses life. A fierce storm makes beaming to the surface impossible, so Riker, Troi and Data attempt to land on the moon in a shuttlecraft. The craft crashes, Riker breaks his arm and all communication with the Enterprise is lost.

Still, Troi feels something powerful and she decides it is approaching with a particularly severe-looking storm cloud. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, O'Brien (Colm Meaney) volunteers to risk his life and transport through the storm to rescue the others. As he attempts to beam them off the moon the cloud envelops them and strange energy rings appear around the group.

Persons of interest

  • Patrick Stewart .... Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Jonathan Frakes .... Commander Will Riker
  • Michael Dorn .... Lieutenant Worf
  • Brent Spiner .... Lieutenant Commander Data
  • Gates McFadden .... Commander Doctor Beverly Crusher
  • Marina Sirtis .... Lieutenant Commander Counsellor Deanna Troi
  • LeVar Burton .... Commander Geordi La Forge
  • Majel Barrett .... USS Enterprise-D computer voice
  • Colm Meaney .... O'Brien
  • Rosalind Chao .... Keiko
  • Michelle Forbes .... Ro Laren
  • Ryan Reid .... Transporter technician
  • René Balcer .... Screenwriter
  • Herbert J Wright .... Screenwriter
  • Brannon Braga .... Screenwriter
  • Paul Ruben .... Storywriter
  • Maurice Hurley .... Storywriter
  • David Livingston .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

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Security censorship classification

PG (Low level violence, adult themes)

Not for public release in Australia before date

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