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Star trek: The motion picture - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, Robert Wise

Stardate 7412.6
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Episode propaganda

A special effects bonanza that earned Star trek: The motion picture an Academy Award nomination, the dazzling refurbished USS Enterprise soars proudly once again in this ultimate space adventure.

When an unidentified being destroys three powerful Klingon K'Tinga class cruisers, Admiral James T Kirk (William Shatner) returns to the newly-transformed USS Enterprise to take command. Shatner is joined on this heroic mission by Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, and the cast from the acclaimed Star trek TV series. The entire crew mobilises at warp speed to stop the being intruder from its relentless flight toward Earth.

Persons of interest

  • William Shatner .... Admiral Kirk
  • Leonard Nimoy .... Commander Spock
  • Deforest Kelley .... Doctor McCoy
  • James Doohan .... Commander Scott
  • George Takei .... Lieutenant Commander Sulu
  • Majel Barrett .... Doctor Chapel
  • Walter Koenig .... Lieutenant Commander Chekov
  • Nichelle Nichols .... Lieutenant Commander Uhura
  • Persis Khambatta .... Lieutenant Ilia
  • Stephen Collins .... Captain Willard Decker
  • Grace Lee Whitney .... Chief Petty Officer Rand
  • Mark Lenard .... Klingon Captain
  • Billy Van Zandt .... alien child
  • Roger Aaron Brown .... Epsilon 9 technician
  • Gary Faga .... airlock technician
  • David Gautreaux .... Commander Daniel Branch
  • John D Gowans .... assistant to Chief Petty Officer Rand
  • Howard Itznowitz .... Cargo Deck Ensign
  • Jon Rashad Kamal .... Lieutenant Commander Sonak
  • Marcy Lafferty .... Chief Difalco
  • Michele Ameen Billy .... Lieutenant
  • Terrence O'Connor .... Chief Ross
  • Michael Rougas .... Lieutenant Cleary
  • Susan J Sullivan .... woman
  • Ralph Brannen .... Enterprise crewmember
  • Ralph Byers .... Enterprise crewmember
  • Paula Crist .... Enterprise crewmember
  • Rik Lane .... Enterprise crewmember
  • Franklyn Seales .... Enterprise crewmember
  • Momo Yashima .... Enterprise crewmember
  • Jimmie Booth .... Klingon crewmember
  • Joel Kramer .... Klingon crewmember
  • Bill McTosh .... Klingon crewmember
  • Dave Moordigan .... Klingon crewmember
  • Tom Morga .... Klingon crewmember
  • Tony Rocco .... Klingon crewmember
  • Joel Schultz .... Klingon crewmember
  • Craig Thomas .... Klingon crewmember
  • Edna Glover .... Vulcan Master
  • Norman Stuart .... Vulcan Master
  • Paul Weber .... Vulcan Master
  • Joshua Gallegos .... Security Officer
  • Leslie C Howard .... Yeoman
  • Sayra Hummel .... Technical Assistant
  • Junero Jennings .... Technical Assistant
  • Robert Wise .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Intelligence report

Close encounters of the third kind and Star wars were both science fiction films that were big on effects and were also box office successes, so someone thought they'd better make a Star trek movie that was big on effects, too. Unfortunately.

To add insult to injury, the video I received to review was the extended version with lots of effects that weren't included in the movie. Running time: 142 minutes. Uh-oh.

Now don't get me wrong, special effects are a bonus in any film, but they should be treated as the icing on the cake, not the other way round. The motion picture is so loaded down with ponderous shots of pretty lights and assorted people looking amazed and awed that you might be forgiven that they were trying to invent spin control and make you think that you're watching something amazingly awesome. Not only are you not, but the spin didn't work either.

The plot is hackneyed enough for a film (Frankenstein's monster), but to make things worse it has already been used in an episode from the Original TV series (The changeling) when Jackson Roykirk invented a probe which later encountered the Enterprise, having developed super powers along the way (like they do). After it killed Scotty, wiped Uhura's brain for singing, but enjoyed Spock's for its logic, Kirk confused the probe with the old I am a lawyer, all lawyers are liars trick then beamed it out into space and blew it up. The basic plot is also used in the Voyager episode Dreadnought.

The difference in The motion picture is that one of Star trek's vague ancestors (NASA) invents a probe which later encounters the USS Enterprise, having developed super powers along the way. After the powers that be wiped Uhura's character for being a black woman, but enhanced Spock's for its white masculinity, Kirk confused the probe with the old I have what you want but you're not getting it until I get what I want trick then got his executive officer to give it a good beaming, at which point it blew up.

As usual, the secondary characters (Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, Scotty and Chapel) are under-utilised despite anyone of them being more interesting than Kirk on his best day. How rapt was everyone when Sulu finally got his command? How many people fell in love with Uhura? How great was it when Uhura got it on with Scotty? When will they learn that they need to have me working on Star trek?


Anyhoo, this would be a good enough TV episode if it was cut in half and if they got rid of some of that bloody background music. It hasn't been and they didn't, so keep your remote handy: it takes a die-hard Trekkie to sit through all of this one without pressing fast forward.

Media intelligence (DVD)

  • Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Picture: Widescreen 16:9 enhanced
  • Disc 1:
    • Commentaries:
    • Audio: Robert Wise (Director), Douglas Trumbull (Special effects), John Dykstra (Special photographic effects), Jerry Goldsmith (Composer), Stephen Collins (Captain Decker)
    • Text: Michael Okuda (English, French, Italian, Spanish)
    • Subtitles: Croatian, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Slovene, Spanish
  • Disc 2: Special features:
    • New retrospective documentaries with cast & crew interviews:
      • Phase II: the lost Enterprise
      • A bold new Enterprise
      • Redirecting the future
    • Additional scenes (1979 theatrical version):
      • Vulcan and Starfleet
      • Attack on the Enterprise
      • Cloud journey
      • V'ger flyover
      • The wing walk
      • Trims and out-takes
    • Deleted scenes (1983 TV version):
      • Sulu and Ilia #1
      • Sulu and Ilia #2
      • Kirk's quarters
      • Officer's Lounge
      • Attack on the Enterprise
      • Intruder transmission
      • A huge vessel
      • Kirk follows Spock
      • Ilia's quarters #1
      • Ilia's quarters #2
      • Its creator is a machine
    • Storyboard archive
    • Trailers: Teaser, theatrical, Director's edition, Star trek: Enterprise promo
    • TV commercials:
      • Hardware
      • Startle your senses
      • Enterprise
      • Cast/Human adventure
      • Spiritual/Search
      • Spiritual/Startle your senses
      • Startle/Human adventure
      • Event/Common Experience
    • Subtitles: Croatian, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Slovene, Spanish

Security censorship classification


Surveillance time

142 minutes (2:22 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 7 June 2002

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Star trek: The motion picture still
Star trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture stillStar trek: The motion picture still

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