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Star trek: Deep Space Nine 5.09b - Business as usual

Stardate 50675.5
Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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Quark's (Armin Shimerman) investments have all been wiped out and he is about to lose his main asset, the bar. Just as he faces destitution, his arms dealing cousin, Gaila (Josh Pais), walks in and offers him a financial lifeline. More than that, the prospects for acquiring profit are astronomical. However, losing all his friends and sacrificing his conscience as a consequence proves surprisingly difficult for Quark. But then, as a Ferengi, there's always another way...

Persons of interest

  • Avery Brooks .... Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  • René Auberjonois .... Constable Odo
  • Michael Dorn .... Lieutenant Worf
  • Terry Farrell .... Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
  • Cirroc Lofton .... Jake Sisko
  • Colm Meaney .... Chief O'Brien
  • Armin Shimerman .... Quark
  • Alexander Siddig .... Doctor Julian Bashir, Director
  • Nana Visitor .... Major Kira Nerys
  • Majel Barrett .... Starfleet computer voice
  • Josh Pais .... Gaila
  • Lawrence Tierney .... Regent of Palamar
  • Tim Halligan .... Farrakk
  • Steven Berkoff .... Hagath
  • Bradley Thompson .... Screenwriter
  • David Weddle .... Screenwriter

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Now this is a good meaty episode.

Quark is one of my least favourite characters (the Ferengi seem to have devolved into comic relief since they made their First appearance on The next generation), not only because he's a capitalistic pig but because he never does anything except tend bar and be useful for when someone wants to do something illegal. He has no life of his own. In Business as usual he gets a life and does so with all the Ferengi style you could ask for.

Armin Shimerman takes the character from despair to fear to avarice to elation and back with ease; his scenes with Terry Farrell really smoke. (I am always aware that the main cast were chosen because they can act but I also don't expect to be reminded of it. Most Star trek episodes don't require a lot of performance skill.) Lawrence's psychotic despot is hilariously scary, Steven's gun lord is intense and Josh's scheming is er... schematic. They burn when they get together. That's a good thing.

I also like Alexander's direction: some novel camera positions (Oo-mox cam goes off) and solid performances drawn from the actors. That's another good thing.

Worth watching? Absolutely. Necessary to watch? Not really, but you'll understand Ferengi and the Federations better if you do.

Security censorship classification

PG (Low level violence)

Not for public release in Australia before date

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