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Star trek: Deep Space Nine 1.06a - The Nagus

Stardate around 46620
Threat advisory: Guarded - General risk of entertaining activities

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Leader of the Ferengi business empire, Grand Nagus Zek (Wallace Shawn), pays Quark (Armin Shimerman) a visit, with an offer he can't refuse. Unexpectedly, Quark finds himself overseeing the Ferengi exploitation of the Gamma Quadrant. Not all the Ferengi captains of industry approve and it is not long before the assassination attempts begin...

Persons of interest

  • Avery Brooks .... Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  • René Auberjonois .... Constable Odo
  • Siddig el Fadil .... Doctor Julian Bashir
  • Terry Farrell .... Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
  • Cirroc Lofton .... Jake Sisko
  • Colm Meaney .... Chief O'Brien
  • Armin Shimerman .... Quark
  • Nana Visitor .... Major Kira Nerys
  • Majel Barrett .... Starfleet computer voice
  • Wallace Shawn .... Grand Nagus Zek
  • Max Grodénchik .... Rom
  • Aron Eisenberg .... Nog
  • Tiny Ron .... Maihar'du
  • Lee Arenberg .... Gral
  • Lou Wagner .... Krax
  • Barry Gordon .... Nava
  • David Livingston .... Storywriter, Director
  • Ira Steven Behr .... Screenwriter

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Intelligence report

One thing that disappoints me is that the Ferengi first encountered on The next generation were so much more wild than the urbane businessmen who turn up on DS9. I like wild.

That said, this is one of those explorative "Let's look at the funny alien culture" episodes with which the first season of DS9 is rife. Once you get past the first three Rules of acquisition, it's all pretty much downhill. Klingons they ain't.

Meanwhile, Jake & Nog are cementing their unlikely friendship, showing you exactly what should be happening with the adults: compromise. Each culture should move toward the other, gaining experience and celebrating diversity. Or maybe they should all just kill each other (I am a little short on sleep). I like Jake and Nog, and Jake & Nog, because they are allowed to be flawed despite being only children. Jake is flawed because he has lost his mother and is occasionally a pain in the nether regions. Nog is flawed because he is Ferengi in a Federation world. Their flaws complement each other, bringing out the best and worst in both.

And no matter what else, at least they're not Wesley!

Security censorship classification

PG (Low level violence)

Not for public release in Australia before date

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