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Star trek

  • You're kidding, right?!


  • I have a dictionary next to my computer (The Australian concise Oxford dictionary to be precise) which says "canon" means "Accepted as genuine; List of recognised genuine works of a particular author, eg The Shakespeare canon". If that doesn't make sense your universal translator is offline. =8^}


  • I still have my dictionary out: Concordance means "Alphabetical arrangement of (Chiefly) words occurring in a book (Especially The bible) or works of a single author, usually with citations of the passages concerned". Another good word to use at parties.

The Star trek canon:

  • Trekkies (And Trekkers, not that I can tell the difference) are very good at arguing and nitpicking and by general agreement the Star trek canon refers only to live action media:
    • The original series
    • The next generation
    • Deep Space Nine
    • Voyager
    • Enterprise
    • The animated series episode Yesteryear
    • Most of the movies (According to the DVD version)
  • And some books:
    • The chronology
    • The companion
    • The compendium
    • The encyclopaedia
    • The nextgen tech manual.
  • The following are not canon because everybody says so:
    • Star trek v: The final frontier
    • The rest of The animated series
    • Novelisations
    • Most novels (Err on the side of caution!)
    • Fanfic!

The Star trek canon concordance:

  • What you're reading! Strictly speaking, a concordance should include every single word (Did you know that the word "fornication" appears 39 times in the Christian Bible? If you include "fornicator" it's 44 times. If they'd just did a little more fornication in the olden days it would've been 47!).
  • The Star trek canon concordance goes not where others have boldly gone before (Sorry, couldn't resist) as I am a lazy sod - Thus I have only included the significant words from the live action canon. Everyday things like turbolifts, starship bridges, warp travel and replicators are not included unless something unusual happens.
  • To save download time the whole thing is on separate pages (The concordance, reviews and images make up more than 2,500 objects and 30 MB: Sheesh!)

How it works (The Star trek canon concordance for dummies):

  • Everything is cross-referenced so that any character (eg Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres) can be found according to:
    • The character's family name (...\characters\t\Torres, B'Elanna)
    • The actor's name (...\actors\d\Dawson, Roxann)
    • And sometimes the character's cultures (...\cultures\k\Klingon), (...\cultures\m\Maquis) or (...\cultures\s\Starfleet).
  • Because she is also a major character you could also check for her series (i.e. Voyager), which contains a list of all the episodes with a précis and links to reviews for those episodes available on video in Australia.
  • If you want to find the name of that Vulcan guy who wanted to mate with Torres, her main entry includes all characters with whom she has had a significant encounter. Mating is counted as a significant encounter. You could also look under the culture (...\cultures\v\Vulcan), the event (...\cultures\v\Vulcan\Pon farr) and then the character (...\cultures\v\Vulcan\Pon farr\Torres).
  • You can also use the Search engine, but unless you are very specific you might end up with a lot more than you bargained for! Remember that your browser also contains a "Find" command (CTRL+F) which will make things go faster once you get to the right page.
  • And just so you can actually read what I have written, the format is as follows:
    • K'Ehleyr (Klingon): Rozhenko, Alexander: Brings to Worf, Parent - Dies: Duras stabs - T'Ong: Recovery - Title: Ambassador - Worf: Brings Alexander; Death vengeance; Mate; Re-encounters; (Sex)
    • Family name, Individual name (Species): Event/person: Action/relationship
      • A tilde [~] refers to the main subject (i.e. K'Ehleyr): Dies: Duras stabs
      • A comma [,] means that there's further action relating to the same event/person: Rozhenko, Alexander: Brings to Worf, parent
      • A semi colon [;] indicates new information relating to the same event/person: Worf: Brings Alexander; Death vengeance
      • A dash [-] indicates a new topic: - dies
    • For most entries the verb indicates what is happening:
      • Active: Rozhenko, Alexander: Brings to Worf (i.e. K'Ehleyr brings Alexander to Worf)
      • Active: Rozhenko, Alexander: ...Parent (i.e. K'Ehleyr is Alexander's parent)
      • Passive: Worf: Death vengeance (i.e. Worf seeks vengeance for K'Ehleyr's death)
    • All grammar and spelling is in accordance with the Australian government's Style manual for authors, editors and printers, sixth edition.
    • When you pass your mouse pointer over a link, the title of the episode will appear in the status bar of your browser. Clicking on the keyword will take you to a preview/review.

But wait, there's more:

  • I speak English so Yanks will need to learn how to spell!
  • Characters are listed as follows:
    • Main characters: Family name (eg Paris - full details are in Appendix I)
    • Related characters: Full name (eg Paris, Owen)
    • One-off characters: Full name (eg Gillian Taylor or Taylor, Gillian).
    • Alternates (eg Janeway {Chakotay Timeline 2}, Janeway {Daydream Reality}, Janeway {Deuterium}).
  • Bajorans are listed last name first (eg Kira, Nerys).
  • Characters without a name are listed under Unnamed being.
  • Listings are Alphabetical (i.e. A-Z). Numbers are spelled out (eg 1 is listed under One). Grammatical characters (i.e. apostrophe ['], hyphen [-] and space [ ]) are ignored (eg T'Pau follows Towt).
  • Listings in parentheses [()] are referred to.
  • Listings in Italics are quotes.
  • Listings for episodes written and/or directed by cast members have been included under Actors because someone was bound to ask.
  • There are no definitions, biographies or detailed plot summaries in the reviews (Other than the blurb on the back of the video case).
  • The links aren't underlined because that makes the pages too hard to read.
  • If you find an error or if you wish to add information please email me.

The more they make, the more I have to do - so far I'm up to:

  • Deep Space Nine: Seasons 1-6 (Basic entries), 7 (Done)
  • Enterprise: Don't even think about asking for it yet!
  • Movies: I (Done), II-X (Basic entries), XI (Repeat after me: "Time is linear, time is linear")
  • The next generation: Season 1 (Done), 2.01a-2.04b (Done), 3-7 (One day)
  • The original series: Season 1-3 (Basic entries)
  • Voyager: Seasons 1-7 (Done)

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