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X2 (X-Men 2) - Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, Bryan Singer

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Movie propaganda

The time has come for those who are different to stand united.

Mutants continue their struggle against a society that fears and mistrusts them. Their cause becomes even more desperate following an incredible attack by as an yet undetermined assailant possessing extraordinary abilities. The shocking attack renews the political and public outcry for a Mutant Registration Act and an anti-mutant movement now led by William Stryker (Brian Cox), a wealthy former Army Commander who is rumoured to have experimented on mutants.

Stryker's mutant "work" is somehow tied to Logan's (Hugh Jackman) mysterious and forgotten past. As Wolverine searches for clues to his origin, Stryker puts into motion his anti-mutant program - launching an attack on Xavier's (Patrick Stewart) mansion. Magneto (Ian McKellen), newly escaped from his plastic prison, proposes a partnership with the X-Men to combat their common and formidable enemy: Stryker.

With the fates of Xavier, humankind and mutant-kind in their hands, the X-Men face their most dangerous mission ever...

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X2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) image

Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film adventure superhero comic mutant

Persons of interest

  • Hugh Jackman .... Logan/Wolverine
  • Patrick Stewart .... Doctor Charles Xavier/Professor X
  • James Marsden .... Scott Summers/Cyclops
  • Anna Paquin .... Rogue
  • Rebecca Romijn-Stamos .... Raven Darkholme/Mystique
  • Famke Janssen .... Jean Grey
  • Alan Cumming .... Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
  • Aaron Stanford .... Pyro
  • Kelly Hu .... Anne Reynolds/Lady Deathstrike
  • Katie Stuart .... Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
  • Halle Berry .... Ororo Munroe/Storm
  • Ian McKellen .... Erik Magnus Lensherr/Magneto
  • Shawn Ashmore .... Robert "Bobby" Drake/Iceman
  • Brian Cox .... William Stryker
  • Bruce Davison .... Senator Robert Jefferson Kelly
  • Kelly Hu .... Anne
  • Alfred E Humphries .... William Drake
  • Jill Teed .... Madelaine Drake
  • James Kirk .... Ronny Drake
  • Ty Olsson .... Laurio
  • Stan Lee .... Creator
  • Michael Dougherty .... Screenwriter
  • Daniel P Harris .... Screenwriter
  • David Hayter .... Screenwriter
  • Zak Penn .... Screenwriter
  • Bryan Singer .... Screenwriter
  • Bryan Singer .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

  • X2 (X-Men 2) official movie site
  • X2 (X-Men 2) QuickTime movie trailers
  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films Saturn Awards 2005: Nominated: Best Science Fiction Film, Best Director (Bryan Singer), Best Writing (Daniel Harris, Michael Dougherty), Best Music (John Ottman), Best Costume (Louise Mingenbach), Best Make-Up (Gordon Smith), Best Special Effects (Mike Fink, Richard Hollander, Stephen Rosenbaum, Mike Verzina)
    • MTV Movie Awards 2004: Won: Breakthrough male (Shawn Ashmore); Nominated: Best movie, Best kiss (Shawn Ashmore and Anna Paquin), Best fight (Hugh Jackman vs Kelly Hu)
  • See also X-Men, X-Men: The last stand (X3)
  • Studios and distributors:

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Oh, yeah!

X2 is a sequel that is worthy of the X name. It is a densely-packed 2¼-hour roller coaster ride that takes the events of the first film and builds on them in such a way that when you see the credits you know that big things have happened. Personalities, powers, principles: nothing is left out.

Hugh Jackman continues to be excellent as the angry and awesome Wolverine. The guy is not just dedicated, he's frustrated but he never lets that stop him from finding the right thing to do, whether it's protecting the weak or punishing the bad. One of the best scenes is when Wolverine meets Anne, a mutant who has similar recuperative powers and has also been hardened by adamantine: their battle (fight is too small a word) is way cool. Long past the point where anyone else would have given up and started crying in the corner, these two are pounding each other with everything they have. Talk about pain!

All your other favourite mutants are also more interesting and more advanced than they were in the first film. Halle Berry's Storm is sexier and more dangerous [If there's a difference - Director of Intelligence] while Famke Janssen manages to overcome Jean Grey's hairdo (the worst I've seen on an actor in a long time) and really kick ass.

The special effects are just plain awful (as in "awe full" - funny how a word can have two diametrically opposed meanings). Seamless integration with the live action, astounding in their inventiveness, so enticing that you want to be a mutant yourself. Exactly what special effects should be. They are worth the price of admission all on their own.

X2 is really, really good. See it.

Security censorship classification

M (Medium level violence)

Surveillance time

133 minutes (2:13 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 30 April 2003

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X2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) imageX2 (X-Men 2) image

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