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The wisdom of crocodiles

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To all appearances, Steven Grlscz (Jude Law) is the man who has everything - handsome, successful, witty and generous. He masterfully seduces the women he selects by analysing them and swiftly winning their trust. For him, this is not a game. It is a lonely and desperate pursuit for a woman's love he literally cannot live without.

When the body of his latest conquest is found at sea, Steven knows the trail will eventually lead to him and contacts the police under the pretext of aiding their investigation. While Inspector Healey (Timothy Spall) and Detective Roche (Jack Davenport) pursue their inquiries, Steven has already moved on to his next victim.

Anne Levels (Elina Lowensohn), an intelligent, self-possessed and moody beauty, proves more of a challenge than Steven ever expected. Anne doesn't give much away and when she thinks she may be in love with this dark stranger, the twinges of doubt continue to keep her heart at bay. At times, Steven thinks she has finally been ensnared by his charms, only to find that she has yet again escaped. Proof of Anne's perfect love is vital to Steven's survival and her uncertainty is slowly killing him. She must finally decide whether or not to give in to her passions and make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Also starring Kerry Fox as Maria Vaughan, Colin Salmon as Martin, Rick Lamont as the toll bridge attendant and Ashley Artus as the gang leader. Written by Paul Hoffman, directed by Po-Chih Leong.

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MA 15 + (Medium level violence, adult theme, medium level coarse language)

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95 minutes (1:35 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2001

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