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Battle stations, all hands!

Rushed through specialised training in just 90 days, Ken Braden (James Garner) is given his lieutenant's bars and thrown into World War II. An underwater demolitions ecpert, this "human torpedo" is sent to the Pacific to pit his skills against the perils of ocean warfare.

Also starring Edmond O'Brien as Stevenson, Andra Martin as Sally Johnson, Alan Hale Junior as Malone, Carleton Carpenter as Carney, Frank Gifford as Mount, William Leslie as Doherty, Richard Bakalyan as Peck, Edd Byrnes as Ash, Sean Garrison as Floyd, Henry Kulky as York and George Crise as Murphy. Written by Richard H Landau, directed by Gordon Douglas.

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PG (Low level violence)

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107 minutes (1:47 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

7 August 2000

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