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Under suspicion

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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Everyone has secrets. Some of them are crimes.

On the island of Puerto Rico, police Captain Victor Benezet (Morgan Freeman) is interviewing a prominent criminal attorney, Henry Hearst (Gene Hackman), who discovered the body of one of the victims of a series of brutal rapes and murders.

During the course of the evening, Hearst slowly becomes the prime suspect. What begins as a co-operative conversation between peers, descends into a night of intense interrogation between fierce adversaries.

The police Captain embarks on a heart-stopping journey through Hearst's family secrets and the very nature of the human psyche, trying to determine his guilt or innocence. And even when he is sure of the answer, he finds that the truth is other than it seems. Under suspicion explores the darkest recesses of the human imagination, bringing to light the dangerous psychological ramifications of a guilty conscience.

Based on the 1981 film Garde à vue.

Persons of interest

  • Gene Hackman .... Henry Hearst
  • Morgan Freeman .... Captain Victor Benezet
  • Thomas Jane .... Detective Felix Owens
  • Monica Bellucci .... Chantal Hearst
  • Nydia Caro .... Isabella
  • Miguel Ángel Suárez .... Superintendent
  • Pablo Cunqueiro .... Detective Castillo
  • Isabel Algaze .... Camille Rodriguez
  • Jackeline Duprey .... Maria Rodriguez
  • Luis Caballero .... Paco Rodriguez
  • Patricia Beato .... Darlita
  • Sahyly Yamile .... Reina
  • Hector Travieso .... Peter
  • Marisol Calero .... Sergeant Arias
  • Vanessa Shenk .... Sue Ellen Huddy
  • Gelian Cotto .... Paulina Valera
  • Myron Herrick .... Mr Ricardi
  • John Wainwright .... AuthorBrainwash
  • Claude Miller .... Screenwriter: Garde à vue
  • Jean Herman .... Screenwriter: Garde à vue
  • Michel Audiard .... Screenwriter: Garde à vue
  • Tom Provost .... Screenwriter
  • W Peter Iliff .... Screenwriter
  • Stephen Hopkins .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Suspicious underpants.

No surprises for guessing that Under suspicion is yet another Hollywood remake of a French film. As you'd expect, the latter version is technically accomplished, but lacks the black, bloody twist of the knife that is should have. When watching a film about the murder of innocent little children, I want to see the seething underbelly of society, the dark secrets of the human condition. (Check out Miss Julie for more on this topic.)

Oh, well.

Morgan Freeman is his heartfelt self, determined but human. Gene Hackman is gritty and grumpy. Monica Bellucci is cold and distant. The script twists and turns as revelation after revelation breaks loose. No pun intended. The film seems to take longer than 12 minutes.

Whatever. you'll get a kick out of Under suspicion but you won't need to write home about it.

Security censorship classification

M (Adult themes, low level coarse language, medium level sex scene)

Surveillance time

112 minutes (1:52 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: 24 April 2001

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