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Two brothers - Maï Ahn Le, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Bernard Flavien, Guy Pearce, Jean-Jacques Annaud

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Set not so long ago in a distant land, Two brothers is the story of twin tiger cubs - one shy and gentle, the other, bold and fierce - who are born among the temple ruins of an exotic jungle, but are one day separated by fate. The bold brother is sold off to a circus, where homesickness and living in a cage rob him of his spirit. The shy cub becomes the beloved companion for the governor's lonely young son, until an accident forces the family to give him away to a man who resolves to break his gentle nature and turn him into a fighter for sport. When they are fully grown, the brothers find themselves reunited - but as forced enemies pitted against each other.

Theatrical propaganda posters

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Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film tiger drama adventure circus cub sibling

Persons of interest

  • Maï Anh Le
  • Jean-Claude Dreyfus
  • Bernard Flavien .... Majordome
  • Freddie Highmore
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
  • Moussa Maaskri
  • Oanh Nguyen .... His Excellency
  • Guy Pearce
  • Vincent Scarito
  • Jean-Jacques Annaud .... Storywriter
  • Jean-Jacques Annaud .... Screenwriter
  • Alain Godard .... Screenwriter
  • Jean-Jacques Annaud .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

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Security censorship classification

PG (Low level violence)

Surveillance time

105 minutes (1:45 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 25 November 2004
DVD rental: 2 March 2005
VHS rental: 2 March 2005

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Two brothers image
Two brothers imageTwo brothers imageTwo brothers imageTwo brothers image

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