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Three strikes (3 strikes)

Threat advisory: Low - Low risk of entertaining activities

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Getting out of prison was easy... staying out is hilarious!

It sounded like a plan: after his release from LA county jail, Rob Douglas (Brian Hooks) is supposed to get a lift back to the 'hood from his boy Tone (Faizon Love). But Tone, who has an eye for the ladies, gets sidetracked by a honey on the way and instead asks JJ (De'aundre Bonds) to scoop Rob up outside the jail. Even though he was expecting Tone, Rob jumps into JJ's smooth new ride and the two share a special smoke as they roll out. But before Rob can reach his destination, there's an LAPD cruiser in the rear view mirror. Turns out that JJ's new ride is stolen and he's not goin' down without a fight. Rob narrowly escapes during JJ's shoot out and the police are determined to find JJ's "accomplice" in the crime.

Angry that Rob is running late and fed-up with his lame excuses, Rob's girlfriend Juanita (N'bushe Wright) is giving him too much drama to even think about asking her to hide him out. As a last resort, Rob reluctantly heads home to his mother (Starletta Dupois), Pops (George Wallace) and sister Beula (Megan Good) but the welcome is less than warm. Beula couldn't care less about Rob's predicament and Mum, even though she suspects something's amiss, wants her son safe at home. Pops is a different story though: he's still mad about the last time the police came looking for Rob. They busted the door down, at a cost of $275 and Pops wants to be paid back. Rob doesn't have the money and instead decides to go on the run.

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  • Film crime prison relationship

Persons of interest

  • Brian Hooks .... Rob
  • N'Bushe Wright .... Juanita
  • Faizon Love .... Tone
  • E-40 .... Mike
  • Starletta DuPois .... Moms
  • George Wallace .... Pops
  • David Alan Grier .... Detective Jenkins
  • Dean Norris .... Officer Roberts
  • Barima McKnight .... Blue
  • Mike Epps .... Crackhead
  • Meagan Good .... Buela
  • Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson .... Dahlia
  • De'aundre Bonds .... JJ
  • Antonio Fargas .... Uncle Jim
  • Harmonica Fats .... Grandpa
  • DJ Pooh .... Screenwriter
  • DJ Pooh .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

1½ strikes.

For some reason the preview tape that Fox sent to me ended halfway through the trial scene denouement so I don't actually know how things end up for the anti-hero protagonist but that doesn't stop me from knowing what Three strikes (3 strikes) is about.

The story is a cross between Next Friday and Blue streak with the lead actor being a cross between Ice Cube and Martin Lawrence. Martin, as you will recall, is the white man's Eddie Murphy; this guy is the white man's Martin Lawrence. What has become plain to me is that there is now an official stereotypical African-American film starring African-Americans and often written by African-Americans. It contains frequent use of the terms "nigger," "bitch" and "your black ass" and a lot of criminals, marijuana use & bitches with attitude in very tight clothing. These elements are tied together with the classical thematic element of running around lots. Everything occurs in a lower socio-economic urban environment.

Meanwhile, the artistic editing of Three strikes (3 strikes) has been superseded by financial concerns because it is, in fact, a 30 minute film which had to come in at more than an hour to be marketable as a feature. [In the movie industry, a feature film is one that runs for more than 60 minutes, anything less is considered a short film - Director of Intelligence] thus, most of the film is taken up with filler shots of street scenes, architecture and people not saying anything.

Feel free to avoid Three strikes (3 strikes) even if you've seen everything else in the video shop.

Security censorship classification

MA 15+ (Medium level coarse language, adult themes)

Surveillance time

79 minutes (1:19 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: 2 May 2001

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Three strikes (3 strikes) imageThree strikes (3 strikes) imageThree strikes (3 strikes) imageThree strikes (3 strikes) imageThree strikes (3 strikes) image

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