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When Tsutomu Shimomura (Russell Wong), one of the world's greatest computer security experts, finds that his home computer has been hacked he sets out to discover who is behind the hacking... it turns out to be hacker Kevin Mitnick (Skeet Ulrich), leading to a race to apprehend and convict him. Based on the true story.

Also starring Tom Berenger as John Markoff, Clancy Brown as Dale Beckham, Cara Buono, Scott Cooper as Mark Seiden, Angela Featherstone, Gil Johnson, David S Jung as Maven, Donal Logue as Donald Randolf, Christopher McDonald as Macki, Master P as Brett, Amanda Peet, Mitch Pileggi as Bruce Koball, Jeremy Sisto as Justin Petersen and Ethan Suplee. Written by John Markoff from the book by Tsutomu Shimomura, directed by Joe Chappelle.

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Special Agent Matti

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M (Medium level coarse language, low level sex scene, sexual references)

Surveillance time

92 minutes (1:32 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD rental: 16 April 2003
VHS rental: 16 April 2003

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