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Swingers - Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston, Doug Liman

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Cocktails first. Questions later.

A story told in the language of the cocktail nation, a 90s retro swing movement that's beginning to sweep the country. A comedy that's honest, outrageous, and not even one jitterbug step removed from reality. A group of close friends looking for love in some of Hollywood's hippest back alley night spots.

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  • Film comedy drama cocktail retro Las Vegas romance cool lounge

Persons of interest

  • Jon Favreau .... Mike Peters
  • Vince Vaughn .... Trent Walker
  • Ron Livingston .... Rob
  • Patrick Van Horn .... Sue
  • Alex Désert .... Charles
  • Heather Graham .... Lorraine
  • Deena Martin .... Christy
  • Katherine Kendall .... Lisa
  • Brooke Langton .... Nikki
  • Jon Favreau .... Screenwriter
  • Doug Liman .... Director

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Theatrical report

Six months after leaving the love of his life back in New York to make it as an actor, Mike is spending too much time hovering around his answering machine. His friends have a plan: get him out of his rut (he has glum tattooed across his forehead from the first scene). Meanwhile his buddy Trent (what else would he be called?) is one of the biggest arsehole arrogant blarney-mouthed characters ever to hit the screen. The bad part is that you know someone just like him. Even worse, you admire him.

Making a special appearance are lounge legends Marty and Elayne, who do a cover of Staying alive that would set Marguerita Pracatan on her ear.

Oozing equal parts of nerd and cool this film had everyone writhing in their chairs and not just because the preview was at the Planet Hollywood theatrette. Think Bogart meets Gilligan. A funny, funny, funny film that got several actual guffaws from me.

See it with your buddies. Or your girlfriend, if you don't mind explaining for three months how "Guys aren't really like that we're actually human beings it was just a movie of course I love you baby".

Security censorship classification

M (Medium coarse language)

Surveillance time

96 minutes (1:36 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated June 1997
DVD retail: Undated November 2001
Disc: 4 August 2010

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