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It's senior year and Ben Cronin (Jesse Bradford) has just about everything going for him. He has a great girlfriend, Amy (Shiri Appleby), and a swimming scholarship to Stanford in the works. Ben's life seems almost perfect. Enter the alluring new girl in town, Madison Bell (Erika Christensen). Before long, Madison seduces Ben and they have a passionate one-night stand. Ben feels terrible, but his guilty conscience is eased when Madison tells him she just wants to friends. But it seems Madison has a strange way of defining 'friends'.

As her obsession with Ben grows, his life begins to unravel. First, he's kicked off the swim team for using steroids he swears he's never taken. Then his best friend is found dead in the school's pool and all clues lead to Ben. Finally, he's accused of a hit-and-run accident that puts Amy in hospital.

Ben suspects that Madison is behind all of it. With no one on his side, he starts investigating her past and finds some incredibly dark secrets. Convinced that Madison will do anything to destroy his life, Ben decides to put an end to her games for good.

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  • Film teen thriller swim team fan fanatic stalker psychopath

Persons of interest

  • Jesse Bradford .... Ben Cronin
  • Erika Christensen .... Madison Bell
  • Shiri Appleby .... Amy Miller
  • Dan Hedaya .... Swim Coach
  • Clayne Crawford .... Josh
  • Jason Ritter .... Randy
  • Kia Goodwin .... Rene
  • Nick Sandow .... Detective Zabel
  • Pamela Isaacs .... Mrs Egan
  • Monroe Mann .... Jake Donnelly
  • Charles F Bohl .... Screenwriter
  • Moira Dekker .... Screenwriter
  • Philip Schneider .... Screenwriter
  • John Polson .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Fatal detention.

Swimfan is a teen version of Fatal attraction (if you're old enough to remember it). Boy slut bonks girl nut and can't get rid of her. Sure, if he sleeps around on his girlfriend he deserves whatever he gets, but his friends don't. That's why you can't be sympathetic with Madison Bell: she goes after the innocents in order to exact her revenge.

Jesse Bradford does a remarkable impression of Freddie Prinze Junior's not-so-good-looking, not-so-talented younger brother who wants to be in movies, too. Kind of like Ralph Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes except Joseph is the cuter one.

John Polson's directing is good, given what he had to work with, but sometimes he gets ahead of himself with some half-second instant replays. In an arthouse film it would be more than acceptable but in a teen flick it's just wanky.

Feel free to see Swimfan if you're in the mood for popcorn (or for adolescents in Speedos) otherwise give it a miss.

Security censorship classification

M (Low level violence, low level sex scene)

Surveillance time

81 minutes (1:21 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 31 October 2002
DVD rental: 16 April 2003
VHS rental: 16 April 2003

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Swimfan imageSwimfan image
Swimfan imageSwimfan imageSwimfan imageSwimfan image
Swimfan imageSwimfan imageSwimfan imageSwimfan image

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