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Story of a bad boy

Threat advisory: Under evaluation

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A feel-good movie set in New York about the trials and tribulations of a youngster coming to terms with his sexuality.

Persons of interest

  • Jeremy Hollingworth .... Pauly
  • Christian Camargo .... Noel
  • Giampiero Judica .... Paolo
  • Stephen Lang .... Spygo
  • Julie Kavner .... Elaine
  • Lauren Ward .... Ludmilla
  • Howie Ravikoff .... Colin
  • Chris Payne .... Mark
  • Tom Donaghy .... Screenwriter
  • Tom Donaghy .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

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85 minutes (1:25 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2003

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