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Step into liquid - Rochelle Ballard, Shawn Barron, Layne Beachley, Dana Brown

Threat advisory: Under evaluation

Movie propaganda

No special effects. No stuntmen. No stereotypes. No other feeling comes close.

Surfers and secret spots from around the world are profiled in this documentary.

Persons of interest

  • Rochelle Ballard .... Herself
  • Shawn Barron .... Himself
  • Layne Beachley .... Herself
  • Jesse Brad Billauer .... Himself
  • Taj Burrow .... Himself
  • Ken Collins .... Himself
  • Ami DiCamillo .... Herself
  • Darrick Doerner .... Himself
  • Brad Gerlach .... Himself
  • Laird John Hamilton .... Himself
  • Dana Brown .... Screenwriter
  • Dana Brown .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report


Security censorship classification

PG (Low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

88 minutes (1:28 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 15 January 2004

Cinema surveillance images

Step into liquid image

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