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Standard Operating Procedure - Christopher Bradley, Sarah Denning, Joshua Feinman, Errol Morris

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The War on Terror will be photographed.

In Standard Operating Procedure, famous documentary filmmaker and Oscar-winner Errol Morris investigates the scandals surrounding human rights violations at the Abu Ghraib prison complex near Baghdad and investigates what's behind the so-called "anti-terror war".

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Standard Operating Procedure theatrical one sheet imageStandard Operating Procedure theatrical one sheet image

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  • Film documentary war Iraq terror invasion torture Abu Ghraib MP abuse sex photographs cover-up interview

Persons of interest

  • Christopher Bradley .... MP Frost
  • Sarah Denning .... MP Harman
  • Joshua Feinman .... MP Elliot
  • Jeff L Green .... MP Catthcart
  • Merry Grissom .... Interrogator
  • Roy Halo .... Gus
  • Cyrus King .... MP Berryhill
  • Daniel Novy .... Frederick
  • Zhubin Rahbar .... Manadel al-Jamadi
  • Shaun Russell .... Military Intelligence
  • Combiz Shams .... Iraqi Detainee
  • Errol Morris .... Director

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Theatrical report

Standard Operating Procedure is a wicked doco that uncovers the abuses by US soldiers in Abu Ghraib and the abuses by US politicians in the Pentagon. After all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Errol Morris presents interviews inter-cut with those photographs recording the abuse and dramatic reconstructions of stunning beauty; the cinematography is just gorgeous (if I can say that while discussing state-sponsored torture). Naturally, the grunts are being fucked-over while the officers are ducking and covering like mad: they could teach tortoises a thing or two. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

Meanwhile, you are safe to assume that the USA really is the great Satan. I'd always thought that the hundreds of millions of "ordinary" Americans acted as a counterbalance to the greed of the movers and shakers but there's something wildly out of control in their government. The President is an idiot, the Vice-President is a warmonger, the cabinet is a generation out of date, the Congress has had their snouts too deep in the trough to see what's going on, there are sixteen (16) governmental intelligence agencies none of which is able to find a pig in a poke while the last bastion of sanity, the Supreme Court, hands down rulings on party lines.

Dear Obama, please save your country before it brings down Western civilisation.

The documentary, war movie Standard Operating Procedure is directed by Errol Morris and stars Christopher Bradley, Sarah Denning, Joshua Feinman.

Government security censorship classification

MA 15+ (Strong themes, graphic images of prisoner abuse)

Surveillance time

111 minutes (1:51 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 3 July 2008 - Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

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Standard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie imageStandard Operating Procedure movie image

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