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The sound of music - Robert Wise, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker

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The happiest sound in all the world!

This classic musical set amid the splendour of Austria's Alps chronicles a young governess's budding romance with her employer and the family's daring flight from Nazi rule.

Persons of interest

  • Julie Andrews .... Maria
  • Christopher Plummer .... Captain Georg von Trapp
  • Richard Haydn .... Max Detweiler
  • Peggy Wood .... Mother Abbess
  • Anna Lee .... Sister Margaretta
  • Portia Nelson .... Sister Berthe
  • Ben Wright .... Herr Zeller
  • Daniel Truhitte .... Rolfe
  • Norma Varden .... Frau Schmidt
  • Marni Nixon .... Sister Sophia
  • Gilchrist Stuart .... Franz (as Gil Stuart)
  • Evadne Baker .... Sister Bernice
  • Doris Lloyd .... Baroness Ebberfeld
  • Charmian Carr .... Liesl von Trapp
  • Nicholas Hammond .... Friedrich von Trapp
  • Heather Menzies .... Louisa von Trapp
  • Duane Chase .... Kurt von Trapp
  • Angela Cartwright .... Brigitta von Trapp
  • Debbie Turner .... Marta von Trapp
  • Kym Karath .... Gretl von Trapp
  • Eleanor Parker .... The Baroness
  • Howard Lindsay .... Author
  • Russel Crouse .... Author
  • Richard Rodgers .... Composer
  • Oscar Hammerstein II .... Playwright
  • Ernest Lehman .... Screenwriter
  • Robert Wise .... Director

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  • Audio: soundtrack: 4.1 - dialogue: 2.0
  • Disc: DVD 9: dual layer single side
  • Picture: disc 1: Widescreen 16:9 - disc 2: 4:3
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Icelandic, Hungarian, English captions
  • Commentary: Robert Wise
  • Documentaries: Salzburg sight and sound, The sound of music from fact to phenomenon
  • Previews
  • TV ads: 30 seconds, 60 seconds
  • Radio (audio only): Julie and Robert interviews - 30 second and 60 second ads - on location interviews with Julie, Christopher, Peggy, Daniel and Ernest

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168 minutes (2:48 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 20 April 2001
DVD retail: 27 November 2002

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The sound of music imageThe sound of music imageThe sound of music imageThe sound of music image
The sound of music imageThe sound of music image
The sound of music imageThe sound of music image

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Some interesting Sound of music facts
  • On 12 March 1938, Nazi troops peacefully entered Austria to effect the union of Austria and Germany. This was called the anschluss. Germany and its friends in Austria claimed that there was a common Austro-German language and culture and that Austria should be an equal part of the Third Reich. As shown in the movie, the few Austrians who opposed the anschluss were drowned out in a chorus of "Heil Hitlers".
  • The von Trapps arrived in New York with only $4 in their pockets and made their living for the next fifteen years as touring musicians. They then established their music camp at Little Austria.
  • The story told in the musical is true, differing from the real story only in a few details, eg the family escaped in two automobiles and not on foot. The von Trapps did not return to Austria after WWII, but settled in the USA. The Baron, who had been a decorated submarine Commander in the first world war, died in 1947. Maria von Trapp lived until the age of 82 at the von Trapp Family Music Camp in Vermont, called Little Austria. She died in 1987. Maria's only complaint about the musical was that it portrayed her as a goody-goody.

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