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World Championship Wrestling

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World Championship Wrestling packs a mean punch!

Go on the rampage this spring with all new 2000 grinding action from World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Available to rent for the first time from 3 October, this classic video carnage features the meanest slam artists around.

Pain game fans will love the mayhem in WCW: souled out and WCW: superbrawl, followed by the all out release of WCW: spring stampede and WCW: uncensored.

WCW has the biggest, baddest brawls featuring leading wrestling stars such as Hulk Hogan, Billy Kidman, Sid Vicious, The Wall and Kevin "The Big Sexy" Nash - master of the jack-knife power bomb.

Get ready Aussie fans - in October, these mayhem maniacs will run amok down under with a live national WCW tour! Catch these crazy slam-bam artists pulverising each other in the ring, then relive earth-shattering WCW action with these new video releases again and again.

Souled out is wall-to-wall brawl, as Kevin Nash and Terry Funk battle for "Commissioner of the WCW " supremacy in this hard-core match. With no rules and no referee, who will be the last man standing? Find out as the mat massacre continues with matches featuring Sid Vicious, Chris Benoit and even more terrifying contenders.

Superbrawl is the ultimate showdown of heavyweight gold! The bedlam continues as Hulk Hogan, hell-bent on destruction, takes on the total package for the world heavyweight title. Also featured are Sid Vicious, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall in the most gruelling, three-way showdown of all.

Following hot on the heels of the WCW sell-out tour, two more titles hit hard.

In Uncensored, anything goes - so beware! Jeff Jarrett makes a grab for the world championship belt around the waist of heavyweight juggernaut Sid Vicious. There is even more nasty action with WCW superstars Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair as they put their hides on the line in a ruthless leather strap match! Also watch out for Billy Kidman and sadistic The Total Package.

Spring stampede is unforgettable! One shocking twist follows another as Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo turn WCW upside down! For the first time ever, all five WCW belts are up for grabs. the tournaments to fill the vacant titles turn into an all-out war between the established stars of The Millionaires' Club and the hungry young talent of the new blood. This is the pay-per-view event that had everyone talking about the new face of WCW!

WCW: souled out and WCW: superbrawl are available for rent from 3 October with WCW: spring stampede and WCW: uncensored in video stores from 7 November.

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What you'd expect.

When I was a nipper I used to watch On the mat and my favourite wrestler was Abdullah The Butcher. A decade later it was the World Wrestling Federation and I can't remember any of them. Now it's World Championship Wrestling and the performers (I'm not silly enough to call them sportsmen) are so bizarre that choosing one from the crowd is like finding a needle in a needlestack.

If you like performance wrestling you'll love these flicks. They'll make good stocking fillers if you're into the traditional Australian commercial Christmas, too, and no matter how many times you watch them you'll never quite know if you've seen them before!

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M (Medium level violence)

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WCW: Souled out - 163 minutes (2:43 hours)
WCW: Superbrawl - 170 minutes (2:50 hours)
WCW: Spring stampede - 161 minutes (2:41 hours)
WCW: Uncensored - 155 minutes (2:35 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS retail: 7 November 2000

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