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Soft fruit

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Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Soft fruit is the story of three bossy sisters (Geneviève Lemon as Josie, Sacha Horler as Nadia and Alicia Talbot as Vera) and their brother (Russell Dykstra as Bo) who come home to steel-town Port Kembla, from the USA, Sydney and jail. It's the first time in eight years they've been under the same roof and they've come to nurse their beloved mother Patsy (Jeanie Drynan) through her last weeks.

First, the home turf has to be re-negotiated with their father, Vic (Linal Haft). He would rather have Patsy's illness to himself than face the fruit of his loins who've returned in all his appalling likeness. In particular he can't stomach the sight of his son, Bo, and banishes him to live in the shed.

Bo is out on parole. He entertains his dear old ma with readings from a Jackie Kennedy biography and teaches her a thing or two about the limitations of a life lived in moderation. The sisters settle into their old single beds and crash diets, hardly bearing to be together after all these years and hardly bearing to be apart. They play nurses - Florence Nightingales from hell. Each of them is sure that she alone can imbue Patsy's last weeks with meaning. But Patsy doesn't care to be meaningful, she wants flights of fancy and fun.

As tension mounts between Bo and his father, he becomes Patsy's guide on surreal day trips, enthusiastically sharing her morphine euphoria. In the end, Patsy's greatest wish is for peace... peace above all... but of course peace isn't part of this family's gene pool.

Persons of interest

  • Jeanie Drynan .... Patsy
  • Linal Haft .... Vic
  • Russell Dykstra .... Bo
  • Geneviève Lemon .... Josie
  • Sacha Horler .... Nadia
  • Alicia Talbot .... Vera
  • Dion Bilios .... Bud
  • Gezelle Byrnes .... Elly
  • Jordan Frankland .... Thomas
  • Cheyenne Dobbs .... Gertie
  • Marin Mimica .... Swifty
  • Glenn Butcher .... Tony
  • Terry Weaver .... Podge
  • Trevor Mills .... Smudge
  • Christina Andreef .... Screenwriter
  • Christina Andreef .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Soft heads.

Yup, those wild and wacky Aussies are back again, showing everyone just how wild and wacky life is in Australia. not only that, but even Australia has its own version of white trash. You last saw them in The boys: hard-edged, hormonally raging with rampant bad hair. This time they're floppy-edged, hormonally raging with rampant bad hair, not to mention dress sense.

Soft fruit is ostensibly the tale of a woman and her impending death, but that's just an excuse to get this dysfunctional family back together. Abuse (mental, emotional and physical) has driven them apart but now love brings them back together, right back to where they were when they left. That's a good thing for you because it'd be a pretty boring film if everyone was nice to each other. Think family Christmas from hell and you'll know exactly what it's about. Everyone is home and no-one can leave...!

With that typical power which indie films have, Soft fruit mixes hilarity with disgust and love with pain; the actors revel in the resulting zesty melange and bring the best of themselves to their roles. There is bitter anger, all-encompassing love, simple adoration and aggressive envy, all laid out on the screen for you to enjoy. Let yourself fall into the winding, twisting tale that is Soft fruit and wallow in the clinging mud that is family relationships.

A little morphine doesn't hurt, either.

Security censorship classification

MA 15+ (Medium level coarse language)

Surveillance time

101 minutes (1:41 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 24 May 2000
DVD rental: 16 March 2005
VHS rental: 16 March 2005

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