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Smoke signals

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A new film from the heart of native America.

Set in Arizona, Smoke signals is the story of two Indian boys on a journey. Victor Joseph (Adam Beach) is the stoic, handsome son of an alcoholic father who has abandoned his family. Thomas Builds-the-fire (Evan Adams) is a gregarious, goofy young man who lost both his parents in a fire at a very young age. Through storytelling, Thomas makes every effort to connect with the people around him; Victor, in contrast, uses his quiet countenance to gain strength and confidence.

When Victor's estranged father dies, the two men embark on an adventure to Phoenix to collect the ashes. Along the way, Smoke signals illustrates the ties that bind these two very different young men and embraces the lessons they learn from one another.

Persons of interest

  • Adam Beach .... Victor Joseph
  • Evan Adams .... Thomas Builds-the-Fire
  • Irene Bedard .... Suzy Song
  • Gary Farmer .... Arnold Joseph
  • Tantoo Cardinal .... Arlene Joseph
  • Cody Lightning .... Young Victor Joseph
  • Simon Baker .... Young Thomas Builds-the-Fire
  • Monique Mojica .... Grandma Builds-the-Fire
  • John Trudell .... Randy Peone
  • Chief Leonard George .... Lester Fallsapart
  • Michael Greyeyes .... Junior Polatkin
  • Darwin Haine .... Boo
  • Michelle St John .... Velma
  • Elaine Miles .... Lucy
  • Sherman Alexie .... Screenwriter
  • Chris Eyre .... Director

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Security censorship classification

PG (Adult themes, medium level coarse language)

Surveillance time

89 minutes (1:29 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2001

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Smoke signals imageSmoke signals imageSmoke signals imageSmoke signals imageSmoke signals imageSmoke signals image

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