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Runtime: 92 Mins
Classsification: MA15+
Strong violence, coarse language and crude humour
In cinemas:
6 June 2013

Small Apartments

Billy Crystal, Dolph Lundgren, James Caan, James Marsden

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Franklin Franklin (Matt Lucas) is wigging out! He lives alone in a crappy L.A. apartment, has no body hair, drinks nothing but soda, and spends all his time playing an alphorn, dreaming of another life in the perfect nation of Switzerland. But now Franklin faces a whole new challenge; hes just killed his landlord Mr Olivetti (Peter Stormare), and needs to figure out how to get away with it. When his plan to stage a suicide goes ridiculously wrong, he finds himself the focus of investigator Burt Walnut (Billy Crystal). The cover-up spins out of control when Franklins nosy neighbors all get involved, including Tommy Balls (Johnny Knoxville), Rocky (Rebel Wilson), Vegas stripper Simone (Juno Balls), Mr Allspice (James Caan), as well Franklins institutionalised brother Bernard (James Marsden), and well-known motivation guru Dr Sage Mennox (Dolph Lundgren). Just as it seems theres no way to escape, even more surprises await Franklin Franklin, and who knows - he may well discover life isnt so crazy after all!

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Persons of interest

  • Matt Lucas .... Franklin Franklin
  • Billy Crystal .... Burt Walnut
  • Johnny Knoxville .... Tommy Balls
  • Rebel Wilson .... Rocky
  • James Caan .... Mr. Allspice
  • Dolph Lundgren .... Dr. Sage Mennox
  • James Marsden .... Bernard Franklin
  • Juno Temple .... Simone
  • Jonas Ã?kerlund .... Director
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    • comedy

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