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The sleeping dictionary (Sword of honour)

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Eager young English diplomat John Truscott (Hugh Dancy) is assigned to a colonial government position in 1920s Sarawak, Malaysia, and soon becomes romantically involved with Selima (Jessica Alba), a beautiful local girl.

Persons of interest

  • Jessica Alba .... Selima
  • Brenda Blethyn .... Aggie
  • Hugh Dancy .... John Truscott
  • Bob Hoskins .... Henry
  • Christopher Ling Lee Ian .... Jasmine
  • Junix Nocian .... Famous
  • Michael Jessing Langgi .... Melaka
  • Mano Maniam .... Policeman
  • KK Moggie .... Tipong
  • Emily Mortimer .... Cecil
  • Cicilia Anak Richard .... Jester Woman
  • Malcolm Rogers .... Vicar
  • Eugene Salleh .... Belansai
  • Noah Taylor .... Neville
  • Kate Helen White .... Mandar
  • Guy Jenkin .... Screenwriter
  • Guy Jenkin .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

  • FYI: The title is a slang term used by British colonists to refer to the native women who taught them the local language, among other things.
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