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Simply irresistible

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Magic opened up their hearts... love did the rest

Amanda Shelton (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is the owner/chef of a charming, formerly successful restaurant, which she inherited from her mother. While her cooking skills leave much to be desired, she is a charming and attractive woman who isn't afraid to show her emotions. Tom Bartlett (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a high-ranking executive at a famous department store. His hard charging, practical manner has put him on the fast track to success.

In short, Amanda and Tom would seem to have nothing in common. But a mysterious crab seller, a chance meeting in a food market and something magical are about to change their lives - and bring them together.

When Tom visits Amanda's restaurant, she is immediately attracted to him. She somehow cooks her feelings into the meal she has prepared, and when Tom begins to dine, he sees and tastes her emotions. Suddenly, Tom is drawn to Amanda. Their relationship quickly heats up - until Tom begins to have doubts about Amanda and the strange things happening around them, even suspecting her of witchcraft. Romantic complications follow but Amanda and Tom's attraction to each other eventually leads to a magical new beginning for the couple.

Also starring Betty Buckley as Stella, Patricia Clarkson as Lois McNally, Dylan Baker as Jonathan Bendel, Christopher Durang as Gene O'Reilly and Larry Gilliard Junior as Nolan Traynor. Directed by Mark Tarlov.

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Teen-chick-Cinderella-romance-flick for the 90s. And if that doesn't put you off, then nothing will.

Simply irresistible is an attempt at formula filmmaking. The scariest part is that they've failed. I am at a loss to explain how anyone can fail at formula filmmaking but these people have managed to do it.

Who to trash first? Sarah is bland. Tom is unfocussed. Patricia is held back. Dylan is one-dimensional. Betty might as well not be there. Christopher is just plain weird. Larry is African-American, so he has that going for him, but his character ain't worth speaking of. The script is confused and dull, the direction is indulgent. The plot is more than just predictable, it's obvious.

Enough! I am sick of people with too much money and not enough style making films that no-one wants to see. Does anyone actually read the script before they make the film? Does anyone actually believe their own hype?


Avoid this flick, even if you are a pre-menstrual-teen-chick.

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PG (Low level coarse language, sexual references)

Not for public release in Australia before date

7 June 2000

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