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Sharks 3D - Jean-Jacques Mantello

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A close encounter with the lions and tigers of the ocean.

A new and exciting IMAX theatre documentary that takes audiences on an unforgettable journey into the fascinating underwater world of the most advanced predators on earth. Aimed at rehabilitating the perception of sharks among the general population, this documentary shows them as they truly are in their natural habitat: not wicked man-eating creatures, as they are far too frequently depicted in modern feature films but wild, fascinating and highly endangered animals.

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  • Jean-Jacques Mantello .... Jean-Jacques Mantello

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Security censorship classification

G (Some scenes may frighten young children)

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42 minutes (0:42 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 5 May 2005

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Sharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D image
Sharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D imageSharks 3D image

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