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Set in the American South at the height of the depression, Shadrach tells the story of Vernon Darby (Harvey Keitel), his wife Trixie (Andie Macdowell) and their impoverished family, who face a moral dilemma when a former slave arrives on their land with a request to be buried there.

Shadrach was born in to slavery on the plantation owned bu Vernon's ancestors and now, 99 years later, he has come home. But for proud, pragmatic and emotionally explosive Vernon, Shadrach's sudden claim of kinship does not go down easily. He'll have to overcome the law, his own poverty and feelings of racism before he can grant Shadrach his dying wish.

Based on the short story by William Styron, the legendary writer of Sophie's choice.

Security censorship classification

PG (Adult themes, medium level coarse language)

Not for public release in Australia before date

21 July 1999

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