Runtime: 105 Mins
Classsification: MA15+
Strong violence
In cinemas:
14 June 2012

Seeking Justice

Guy Pearce, Harold Perrineau, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter

Movie propaganda

Nicolas Cage's latest film immensely popular fantasy from action to drama and excitement, continues to appear on the hit movie, the suspense-action orthodox was decorated with powerful action scenes of the story and not read ahead. ?Enthusiastically revelation a high school teacher was injured much of sorrow and anger to my loving wife, they are accepting a proposal from a stranger Simon of "murder agency." Can enjoy the scene, such as a scene packed with dangerous stunts on the highway patrol car and car chases and intense, the charm of the action of revelation as an actor, a thrilling battle of man go alone to confront an invisible enemy is not breath continuous tension! ! Have recorded a smash hit in countries around the world. ?Is co-star, The Hurt Locker "And Jimmy's best friend Will is the role of Harold Perino" Janyuari Jones, "Romeo & Juliet" that break in the TV series "MAD MEN Mad Men" in the role of wife Laura "... after 28 weeks Guy Pearce will be highly appreciated acting school, like "" The Road "" Memento "is Simon plays a mysterious man. ?Roger Donaldson worked and Indian "" Thirteen Days "of the world's fastest" Bank Job "" The director, original screenplay by Robert Tannen. The production, in charge of Tobey Maguire and Ram Bergman, James Stern ("Portrait of a 17-year-old") and ("Brothers Bloom"). Director of photography, David worked Tattasaru 1 to 3 "Star Wars" episode, the art director, Dennis Washington previously teamed up with director Donaldson in "Thirteen Days" and "The World's Fastest Indian" (~ "first love" Green Hornet "" Twilight ~) have participated and stunt coordinator Andy Cheng. ?This film was shot in New Orleans during the years 2009 to 2010. ? ?

Persons of interest

  • Nicolas Cage .... Will Gerard
  • Guy Pearce .... Simon
  • January Jones .... Laura Gerard
  • Jennifer Carpenter .... Trudy
  • Harold Perrineau .... Jimmy
  • Roger Donaldson .... Director
  • Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

    • drama
    • thriller
    • action

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