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Secret society

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

Movie propaganda

Choose life, choose sumo.

Daisy (Charlotte Brittain) is the love of Ken's (Lee Ross) life - she is also large... and very pretty... and on the dole. But Ken is a dreamer, all his dreams to make a fast buck ending up where they started - as dreams. With the rent unpaid, the bailiffs at the door and Ken's dreams in tatters, Daisy sets out to bring home the bacon and gets a job in the local factory. There she meets Marlene (Annette Badland) and half a dozen other large women who are all united in a secret passion - sumo wrestling! Ken doesn't know what's hit him...

Secret society is a romantic comedy of generous proportions.

Persons of interest

  • Charlotte Brittain .... Daisy
  • Lee Ross .... Ken
  • Annette Badland .... Marlene
  • James Wooton .... Billy
  • Lisa Riley .... Beth Trailor
  • Charles Dale .... Paul
  • Rachel Smith .... Sue
  • Sharon Duce .... Janice
  • Kate Fitzgerald .... Mrs Selby
  • Claire Cathcart .... Pygmy Hippo
  • Sharon D Clarke .... Typhoon
  • Troy Jackson .... Woolly Mammoth
  • Jackie D Broad .... She Elephant
  • Joann Condon .... Giant Butterfly
  • Donna Combe .... Mighty Walrus
  • Alison Garland .... Polar Bear
  • Mikyla Dodd .... Sea Cow
  • Iliana Flade .... Big White Orca
  • Takeshi Nara .... Takeshi
  • Catriona McGowan .... Screenwriter
  • Imogen Kimmel .... Screenwriter
  • Imogen Kimmel .... Director

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Chubby-chaser soft porn.

While Secret society may have started out as a vehicle for the empowerment of women it will quickly be subverted into fatty fetish fodder. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Secret society is a strange little film that wanders about, sometimes stepping on its own tail. I believe that a few more drafts would've improved the script both in terms of dialogue and dramatic flow. Clumsiness can be forgiven in a first draft but not on the big screen.

The acting is nothing to write home about, it's as if everyone had a late night and doesn't have the energy to do more than go through the paces, but that could be down to either the direction or the difficulty of finding obese women who are happy to play obese women in a movie about obese women. It kind of cuts down the field.

Still, Secret society is not a bad film and it'll certainly repay the cost of hiring the video. Best viewed while consuming pizza and a big glass of red wine.

Security censorship classification

MA 15+ (Medium level sex scene)

Surveillance time

98 minutes (1:38 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: 16 May 2001

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