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The searchers

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With The searchers, John Wayne and director John Ford forged an indelible saga of the frontier and the men and women who challenged it.

John Wayne plays Ethan Edwards, an ex-Confederate who sets out to find his niece, captured by comanches who massacred his family. He won't surrender to hunger, thirst, the elements or loneliness. And in his obsessive quest, Ethan finds something unexpected: his own humanity. One of the most influential movies ever made, The searchers contains sequences that are "a brilliant fusing of editing, camerawork and performance as filtered through a master director's eyes" - Ted Sennett, Great Hollywood westerns.

Persons of interest

  • John Wayne .... Ethan Edwards
  • Jeffrey Hunter .... Martin Pawley
  • Vera Miles .... Laurie Jorgensen
  • Ward Bond .... Reverend Captain Samuel Johnston Clayton
  • Natalie Wood .... Debbie Edwards (older)
  • John Qualen .... Lars Jorgensen
  • Olive Carey .... Mrs Jorgensen
  • Henry Brandon .... Chief Cicatrice (Scar)
  • Ken Curtis .... Charlie McCorry
  • Harry Carey Jr .... Brad Jorgensen
  • Antonio Moreno .... Emilio Figueroa
  • Hank Worden .... Mose Harper
  • Beulah Archuletta .... Wild Goose Flying in the Night Sky
  • Walter Coy .... Aaron Edwards
  • Dorothy Jordan .... Martha Edwards
  • Pippa Scott .... Lucy Edwards
  • Alan Le May .... Author
  • Frank S Nugent .... Screenwriter
  • John Ford .... Director

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  • Trailer: Theatrical
  • Warner Bros presents documentary shorts
  • Languages in Dolby mono 1.0: English, French, Italian
  • Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, English and Italian captions

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114 minutes (1:54 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 7 August 2000

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