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Savage souls (Les âmes fortes)

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Haute Provence, France, 1945. During a night-long vigil, a group of women evoke the ambiguous destiny of Thérèse (Laetitia Casta), the eldest among them.

Drôme, France, 1882. At age 22, Thérèse (Laetitia Casta) elopes with her boyfriend Firmin (Frédéric Diefenthal) and settles in the town of Châtillon. She is soon drawn to the most elegant woman in town, Madame Numance (Arielle Dombasle), whose generosity knows no limits. An intense connection born of mutual fascination springs up between these two “savage souls”.

Firmin soon steps in, however, and stirs up trouble... he swindles the Numances, who allow themselves to be robbed without batting an eyelash. Madame Numance disappears forever. Thérèse will never be the same again. She cheats on her husband, lies to her lovers... Will she go so far as to commit murder? The story of a lifetime is etched in the course of a single night. Can we ever really know the truth about Thérèse?

Persons of interest

  • Laetitia Casta .... Thérèse
  • Monique Mélinand .... Old Thérèse
  • Frédéric Diefenthal .... Firmin
  • Arielle Dombasle .... Madame Numance
  • John Malkovich .... Monsieur Numance
  • Charles Berling .... Reveillard
  • Johan Leysen .... Rampal
  • Nathalie Boutefeu .... Charlotte
  • Jean Giono .... Author
  • Alexandre Astruc .... Screenwriter
  • Mitchell Hooper .... Screenwriter
  • Alain Majani D'inguimbert .... Screenwriter
  • Alain Neuhoff .... Screenwriter
  • Raoul Ruiz .... Director

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120 minutes (2:00 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2003

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