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Runtime: 86 Mins
Classsification: PG
Mild themes and coarse language
In cinemas:
20 June 2013

Satellite Boy

Joseph Pedley, Cameron Wallaby, David Gulpilil, Dean Daley-Jones

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Catriona McKenzie's directorial feature debut is a heartfelt, moving and uplifting story about a young boy's journey to save his home and ultimately himself. Satellite Boy follows Pete, a 12 year old Aboriginal boy who lives with his elderly grandfather, Old Jagamarra (Gulpilil). Home is the abandoned outdoor cinema in the outback town of Wyndham. When it is threatened with demolition, Pete sees his world in jeopardy and sets off for the city. He is joined by his friend Kalmain, who has his own reasons for leaving town. Together the boys travel through epic and stunning Kimberley country and when they get lost in the bush, Pete has to remember some of the old Aboriginal bush skills his grandfather taught him for them to survive. Fable-like in its storytelling, it shows a world torn between old and new, tradition and progress, nature and technology. Celebrating the importance of family, true friendship and cultural and spiritual identity, Satellite Boy is captivating and affecting.

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Persons of interest

  • Cameron Wallaby .... Pete
  • David Gulpilil .... Jagamarra
  • Joseph Pedley .... Kalmain
  • Rohanna Angus .... Lynelle
  • Dean Daley-Jones .... Dave
  • Catriona McKenzie .... Director
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    • drama

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