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Sahara - Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penélope Cruz, Breck Eisner

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Dirk Pitt: adventure has a new name.

When master explorer Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) finds a fabled coin linked to a historical legend, he takes on the adventure of his life as he embarks on a treasure hunt through some of the most dangerous regions of West Africa. As they search for what locals call the "Ship of Death" - a long-lost Civil War battleship that protects a secret cargo - Dirk and his wisecracking sidekick, Al Giordino (Steve Zahn), meet Dr Eva Rojas (Penélope Cruz), a beautiful and brilliant doctor who believes that the hidden treasure may be connected to a larger problem that threatens the world around them.

Hunting for a ship that no one else thinks exists, Dirk, Al and Eva must rely on their wits and their daring heroics to outsmart dangerous warlords, survive the threatening terrain and get to the bottom of both mysteries.

Persons of interest

  • Matthew McConaughey .... Dirk Pitt
  • Penélope Cruz .... Eva Rojas
  • Steve Zahn .... Al Giordino
  • Dayna Cussler .... Kitty Mannock
  • Lennie James .... General Kazim
  • Delroy Lindo .... CIA Agent Carl
  • William H Macy .... Admiral James Sandecker
  • Nathan Osgood .... Gun Lieutenant
  • Billy Seymour .... Powder Monkey
  • Clive Cussler .... Author
  • Thomas Dean Donnelly .... Screenwriter
  • Matthew Faulk .... Screenwriter
  • Josh Friedman .... Screenwriter
  • James V Hart .... Screenwriter
  • Joshua Oppenheimer .... Screenwriter
  • John C Richards .... Screenwriter
  • John Richards .... Screenwriter
  • Mark Skeet .... Screenwriter
  • David S Ward .... Screenwriter
  • Breck Eisner .... Director

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Theatrical report

Oh boy, you know you're in trouble when the lead character is called Dirk Pitt®.

Sahara is a pot-boiler action adventure movie that has little in common with the campness of Indiana Jones and more with the fun of Gun Runners Monthly. There is an explosion or shoot-out every 12 minutes or so. The script never requires anyone to speak more than two sentences at a time. The bad guys hardly even speak at all. There is only one chick in the movie and she ends up in a bikini. In the surf. With the hero.

There are no surprises in Sahara but you didn't expect any, did you?

Matthew McConaughey has nice abs.

Security censorship classification

M (Low level violence)

Surveillance time

127 minutes (2:07 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 7 April 2005

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