Safe movie poster
Runtime: 94 Mins
Classsification: MA15+
Strong violence
In cinemas:
17 May 2012
Home Entertainment:
15 September 2012


Anson Mount, Chris Sarandon, Jason Statham, Reggie Lee

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With his roles in films like THE TRANSPORTER series, DEATH RACE and THE EXPENDABLES, Jason Statham has become one of today’s top action movie icons. In this new action/thriller from producer Lawrence Bender (the man behind KILL BILL, PULP FICTION and RESERVOIR DOGS), Statham plays Luke Wright, an ex-special forces operative who decides to save a young Chinese girl. The girl, Mei, is a mathematical genius who has memorised the combination to a safe that contains thirty million dollars. Once word gets out that Mei is the only person who knows the safe’s combination, everyone in the criminal underworld – including mobsters, corrupt New York Cops and even Mei’s own family – try to capture her. It’s up to Luke, her only protector, to keep her alive and keep her safe.

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Safe movie poster
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Persons of interest

  • Jason Statham .... Luke Wright
  • Anson Mount .... Alex Rosen
  • Chris Sarandon .... Mayor Tremello
  • Reggie Lee .... Quan Chang
  • Robert John Burke .... Captain Wolf
  • Boaz Yakin .... Director
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    • thriller
    • action
    • adventure

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