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Running free (Hoofbeats)

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Running free

is a visually-stunning dramatic adventure in which one courageous horse grows from an awkward colt into a magnificent stallion at the edge of the rugged, inhospitable Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

In 1914, Lucky is born aboard a tempest-tossed German supply steamer transporting his mother and other workhorses to Africa. Torn from her side shortly after arrival and left to fend for himself in a strange and unforgiving environment, the vulnerable foal is adopted by an orphaned stable boy, Richard (Chase Moore), in a mining town. When the townspeople must flee due to encroaching war, Lucky is abandoned, bereft of his young companion and caretaker, until a young Bushman girl comes into town and escorts Lucky into the desert. There, she helps him learn how to survive in the harsh, untamed wilderness.

Lucky's journey eventually leads him back to the destroyed mining town where he reunites with a young mare, Beauty, whom he first fell in love with as a foal, and undertakes a heroic mission to defeat the domineering stallion Caesar to become the leader of the herd.

Also starring Jan Decleir, Maria Geelboi and Arie Verveen. Written by Jean-Jacques Annaud, directed by Sergei Bodrov.

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PG (Adult themes)

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84 minutes (1:24 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

11 July 2001

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