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Rudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) - Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Guillermo Francella, Carlos Cuarón

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

Movie propaganda

Tato (Gael García Bernal) and Beto (Diego Luna), two brothers living a hard life of manual labour in rural Mexico, have a simple dream of saving enough money to build their mother her dream house. But fate has other plans; a friendly game of soccer leads to first one, then the other being taken on by the nation's top talent scout, Batuta (Guillermo Francella), and gives rise to the first of many emotional head to heads between brothers. Suddenly, they find themselves living the high life of star athletes - fame, riches, fast cars, and beautiful women. But every dream has a dark side, and when they are forced to compete on rival teams, bitterness brews between them. Mutual trust gives way to resentment and betrayal, while the dangers of their wild new lifestyles threaten debt and the safety of their entire family. In the end, all will ride on the one big game between their two clubs. Tato and Beto must face each other on the pitch but also reunite again as brothers before they lose everything they had once dreamed of.

Theatrical propaganda posters

Rudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) theatrical one sheet image

Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film drama Mexico sport soccer poverty peasant fame money competitor team scout rivalry lifestyle football

Persons of interest

  • Gael García Bernal .... Tato
  • Diego Luna .... Beto
  • Guillermo Francella .... Batuta
  • Dolores Heredia .... Elvira
  • Adriana Paz .... Toña
  • Jessica Mas .... Maya
  • Salvador Zerboni .... Jorge W
  • Tania Esmeralda Aguilar .... Nadia
  • Joaquín Cosio .... Arnulfo
  • Alfredo Alfonso .... Don Casimiro
  • Fermín Martínez .... DT Obdulio
  • Eduardo Von .... DT Bruno Lopéz
  • Jorge Zárate .... Voz Bruno López
  • Axel Ricco .... Mena
  • Harold Torres .... Trompo Tovar
  • Gabino Rodríguez .... Mafafo
  • Alexander Da Silva .... Gringa Roldan
  • Armando Hernández .... El Cienpiés
  • Alexandré Barceló .... Fito
  • Jorge Mondragón .... Porro
  • Enoc Leaño .... Árbitro
  • José Carlos Rodríguez .... DT Merodio
  • Claudia Becker .... Quetis
  • Manuel Teil .... Quico
  • Carlos Cuarón .... Screenwriter
  • Carlos Cuarón .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Australian resident rewards programme

You could win one of five DVDs of Rudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) by sending an email to the Director of Intelligence with your name and address in the body. Closed midnight 18 March 2010. Won by Brenda and Steve.

Theatrical report

Rudo y Cursi is a morality tale, the moral of which is that poor people shouldn't get ideas above their station. They are poor for a reason and if you give them money they'll just throw it away on fripperies. I'm not happy with this concept but it does make for a reasonable bit of Mexican drama. There isn't much soccer even though both Gael García and Diego are capable players. There are some drugs.

I expect more from a Cuarón.

The drama, Mexico, sport movie Rudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) is directed by Carlos Cuarón and stars Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Guillermo Francella.

Government security censorship classification

M (Coarse language, sex scenes, nudity and drug use)

Surveillance time

101 minutes (1:41 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 30 July 2009 - Melbourne, Sydney
Disc: 18 March 2010

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Rudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie imageRudo y Cursi (Tough and Corny) movie image

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