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Rio Bravo

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Some of the biggest names in Hollywood team up to bring one of the greatest westerns ever made to the screen.

John Wayne is Sheriff John T Chance. When a gunslinger commits a brutal murder, Chance is there to take him in, lock him up and wait for the USA Marshall to arrive. His prisoner's brother is the most powerful rancher on the border and soon enough the town of Rio Bravo is surrounded by hired desperadoes. Chance can't get his prisoner out and the law can't get in.

Chance is forced to call on those around him - the crippled Walter Brennan, drunken Dean Martin and baby-faced Ricky Nelson - to break the deadlock and uphold the law. The result is a traditional Western - hailed as an American classic.

Persons of interest

  • John Wayne .... Sheriff John T Chance
  • Dean Martin .... Dude
  • Ricky Nelson .... Colorado Ryan
  • Angie Dickinson .... Feathers
  • Walter Brennan .... Stumpy
  • Ward Bond .... Pat Wheeler
  • John Russell .... Nathan Burdette
  • Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales .... Carlos Robante
  • Estelita Rodriguez .... Consuela Robante
  • Claude Akins .... Joe Burdette
  • Malcolm Atterbury .... Jake
  • Walter Barnes .... Charlie
  • George Bruggeman .... Clem
  • Jules Furthman .... Screenwriter
  • Leigh Brackett .... Screenwriter
  • Howard Hawks .... Director

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135 minutes (2:15 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 15 August 2000
VHS retail: 15 August 2000

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