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A comedy for the romantically challenged.

Carolyn McDuffy (Christina Ricci) is the model of Pasadena perfection as she trundles her way in her Cabrio convertible toward Southern California State University for her senior year. To her horror, she discovers that her sorority (AOPi), in its cynical desire to win Sorority of the Year, has taken on the Challenged Games as its off-campus charity. The sisters have agreed to help train Riverside County's physically and mentally handicapped athletes for their annual match against Orange County. After resisting the task, Carolyn finds herself saddled with mentoring an earnest challenged athlete named Pumpkin (Hank Harris) who is immediately enamoured of her. Carolyn, whose world has been perfect and beautiful until this moment, is appalled and terrified.

... and strangely attracted. Pumpkin's pure soul and gentle humanity touch her heart, and she can't stop thinking about him. Carolyn's feelings for Pumpkin shatter her perfect world. To the horror of her sorority sisters (Dominique Swain, Marisa Coughlan), her boyfriend (Sam Ball) and Pumpkin's overprotective mother (Brenda Blethyn), Carolyn does the unthinkable - she falls in love with Pumpkin. As her love for Pumpkin overwhelms her, she embarks upon a painful yet comical journey toward self-discovery. Everything she ever believed in is turned on its head. As Carolyn's "perfect life" falls apart, Pumpkin teaches her that perfect isn't always perfect after all.

Wickedly satirical and oozing taboo subject matter, Pumpkin pushes comedic boundaries with its distinct brand of humour. The film playfully weaves its way in and out of stereotype genres - gothic romance, horror, movie-of-the-week, love stories and teen melodrama - to create an emotional tension that asserts the full humanity of the unlikely couple against a society that would condemn them. Pumpkin is a warped fairytale, but as with all fairy tales, there lurks a potent message about accepting people for what they really are and discovering that not all forms of disability are visible. In this tale, it just may be the Pumpkin that becomes Prince Charming.

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  • Film romance teen mentally challenged university sorority

Persons of interest

  • Christina Ricci .... Carolyn
  • Hank Harris .... Pumpkin
  • Brenda Blethyn
  • Dominique Swain
  • Marisa Coughlan
  • Sam Ball
  • Erinn Bartlett
  • Adam Larson Broder .... Screenwriter
  • Adam Larson Broder .... Director
  • Anthony Abrams .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

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Security censorship classification

M (Adult themes, medium level coarse language, medium level sex scene)

Surveillance time

112 minutes (1:52 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2003

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