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The Producers - Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Ferrell, Susan Stroman

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Two-time Tony Award-winners Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick return to their celebrated roles as Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom, a scheming theatrical producer and his mousy CPA who hit upon the perfect plan to embezzle a fortune: raise far more money than you need to produce a sure-fire Broadway flop and then (since no one will expect anything back), Max and Leo can pocket the difference. To do this, they need the ultimate bad play, which they find in the musical Springtime for Hitler. Their plans come to naught and the duo are taken completely by surprise when their new production is hailed as a toast-of-the-town hit. Will Ferrell also brings his spot-on comic talents to the role of Franz Liebkind, the neo-Nazi playwright (and pigeon fancier) responsible for penning the "worst play ever written".

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  • Film musical comedy Nazi play theatre Broadway scam sing dance actor audition tax write-off

Persons of interest

  • Nathan Lane .... Max Bialystock
  • Matthew Broderick .... Leo Bloom
  • Uma Thurman .... Ulla
  • Will Ferrell .... Franz Liebkind
  • Roger Bart .... Carmen Ghia
  • Gary Beach .... Roger De Bris
  • Andrea Martin .... Little Old Lady Investor
  • Debra Monk .... Little Old Lady Investor
  • Jason Antoon .... Jason Green
  • Jon Lovitz .... Mr Marks
  • Joe Rosario .... Sewer
  • Roland Rusinek .... Jack Lapidus
  • Victor Yerrid .... Adolph Pigeon
  • Mel Brooks .... Playwright
  • Thomas Meehan .... Playwright
  • Mel Brooks .... Screenwriter
  • Thomas Meehan .... Screenwriter
  • Susan Stroman .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

The Producers, like Little Johnny Howard, is stuck in the 50s. They should both have been left there, with the over-acting, ham-fisted direction and wet dialogue. Even if there are a few good laughs, you've definitely seen better. Your ignorant country cousins might like it, however.

If you want a movie about theatre with sophistication then see Being Julia instead.

Security censorship classification

M (Moderate sexual references)

Surveillance time

134 minutes (2:14 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 12 January 2006

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The Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers imageThe Producers image

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