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National Lampoon's Pledge this - Paris Hilton, Holly Valance, Carmen Electra, William Heins

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South Beach University's Gamma Gamma Sorority has been crowned America's hottest sorority by FHM magazine. Gamma president Victoria English is unquestionably the "it" girl on campus - beautiful, stylish and rumoured to be the world's richest young woman. Victoria has built the Gammas on her image; only the beautiful, the stylish and the elite have a chance of admittance. As the campus is abuzz with the Gammas and the upcoming spread in FHM, Victoria takes full advantage of it... for herself.

Theatrical propaganda posters

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Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film sorority comedy university college fashion style elite campus

Persons of interest

  • Paris Hilton .... Victoria English
  • Paula Garcés .... Gloria
  • Sarah Carter .... Kristen
  • Kerri Kenney .... Kathy
  • Simon Rex .... Derek
  • Geoffrey Arend .... Dax
  • Holly Valance .... Jessica
  • Noureen DeWulf .... PooPoo
  • Alexis Thorpe .... Morgan
  • Amanda Rowan .... Trista
  • Nicky Hilton
  • Randy Spelling .... Kelly
  • Greg Cipes .... Reed
  • Sarai Howard .... Ali Dee
  • Amanda Aday .... Maxine Picker
  • Diva Zappa .... Babs Cohen
  • Bianca Lawson .... Monique
  • Keith Hudson .... Erik
  • Preston Lacy .... Randy
  • Sam Maccarone .... Tucker
  • Sam E. Goldberg .... Teddy
  • Dave Ruby .... Professor Milcheck
  • Elizabeth Daily .... Cathrine Johnson
  • Carmen Electra .... Carmen Electra
  • Cheryl Guerriero .... Storywriter
  • Cheryl Guerriero .... Screenwriter
  • Jason Jordan .... Screenwriter
  • Matthew Lawton .... Screenwriter
  • Anna Obropta .... Screenwriter
  • William Heins .... Director

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  • National Lampoon's Pledge this official movie site
  • National Lampoon's Pledge this film production notes
  • National Lampoon's Pledge this QuickTime movie trailers
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