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The Players Club

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Sometimes you're the player. Sometimes you're played.

When she's not raising her young son and trying to make ends meet, Diana Armstrong (Lisa Raye) dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist. Determined to survive and get a university degree, Diana takes a job as a stripper at The Players Club, a notorious strip joint run by a two-bit hustler named Dollar Bill (Bernie Mac).

Under the stage name Diamond, Diana becomes a playful seductress, teasing and tempting the denizens of the dark for the crumpled dollar bills they toss on-stage. Unlike the other dancers - Ronnie (Chrystale Wilson) and Tricks (Adele Givens), whose ambitions have slowly withered beneath the harsh strip club lights - Diamond is determined to get in, get the money and get out.

Also starring Monica Calhoun as Ebony, Jamie Foxx as Blue, AJ Johnson as Li'l Man and Dick Anthony Williams as Mr Armstrong. Written and directed by Ice Cube.

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