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Opus - ACTORS, Berkeley Breathed

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Directed and written by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Berkeley Breathed. The full-length feature film based on the flawed by loveable penguin, Opus, who appeared in the popular Bloom County cartoon strip. Opus has appeared in 11 best-selling cartoon collection books, five children's books, an animated television special and in an exclusive line of collectible items created by American Greetings. Opus's jump to the big screen in a natural one. His unusual, off balance humour combined with his affectionate, but astute observation of the world, makes him the ideal subject. Opus is entertaining, clever and appeals to the kid in everyone.

Persons of interest

  • Berkeley Breathed .... Comic creator: Bloom County
  • Berkeley Breathed .... Screenwriter
  • Craig Mazin .... Screenwriter
  • Berkeley Breathed .... Director

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