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The object of my affection

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Social worker Nina (Jennifer Aniston) and gay schoolteacher George (Paul Rudd) become fast friends - and embark on the most important relationship of their lives - when, out of desperation, George moves into Nina's spare room. When Nina finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend's child, she decides she would rather raise her baby with the man who's closest to her - George. The object of my affection is a comedy drama that pushes the very tender lines between love, sex and friendship.

Also starring Tim Daly, Alan Alda, Nigel Hawthorne and John Pankow.

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Funnily enough, I saw a comedy drama that pushes the very tender lines between love, sex, and friendship.

It's not often that Hollywood manages to do anything remotely human with a gay character but this film jumps in and gets into some nitty gritty situations. And some funny ones, too. It's a provoking script for the 90s and for those with a 90s sensibility.

The acting is pretty darned good: Jennifer Aniston does the best thing she's done on the big screen while Paul Rudd is just plain great. There are some dodgy political correctness issues but I guess that they're the whole point of this film: to raise issues with which most people on the planet are both unfamiliar and uncomfortable. It's a good start for a discussion with your homophobic best friend, brother, boyfriend or whatever; and the ending has a wonderfully 90s quality at the same time as it is a classic Hollywood ending. If that makes sense.

Funny, thought-provoking, soppy, entertaining. See it.

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Film: 7 June 2000

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