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Night of the headless horseman

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Many years ago, the headless horseman was a brave soldier who fought for the British. Unfortunately during battle, a cannonball struck off his head. Ever since then, his ghost rides the same dark, shadowy road that Sleepy Hollow schoolmaster Ichabod Crane (William H Macy) takes to visit the beautiful Katrina van Trassel (Tia Carrere), Ichabod's secret love for the local beauty has not gone unnoticed by town bully Brom Bones (Luke Perry), who cunningly poses one obstacle after the other in his path. Then one fateful night, the hapless teacher comes face to face with the headless horseman himself.

This visual stunning, 3d animated classic tale will come vividly and chillingly to life. Also includes never before seen footage and behind the scenes presentation of the making of Night of the headless horseman.

Also starring Clancy Brown. Written by John Shirley, based on the book The legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, directed by Shane Williams.

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65 minutes

Not for public release in Australia before date

7 June 2000

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