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A night at the Roxbury

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It may have taken the Butabi brothers seven years to graduate from high school, but by now they've realised there's more to life than working in their father's silk plant store.

Their goal is to get into LA's #1 night spot - the elegant Roxbury Club - and become movers and shakers in today's happening night club scene. Steve (Will Ferrell) and Doug (Chris Kattan) are determined to prove that for the first time in their lives, they are really worth something.

They set out to prove their manhood by going through the ultimate rite of passage, getting into the A-club - the Roxbury - and maybe, someday, even running a club of their own. But they're not on the Roxbury's guest list, so Doug and Steve are stuck on the sidewalk - as Doug complains, "A-club people leading a B-club life" - until they roll into a fender bender with a club regular, litigation-phobic actor Richard Grieco (Richard Grieco), who escorts them right into the Roxbury! They make contact with the Roxbury's successful and influential owner, Mr Zadir, who agrees to a meeting to discuss their "bound-to-happen" concepts for new clubs. That same night at the Roxbury, Doug and Steve get picked-up by a pair of fortune hunters, Cambi (Elisa Donovan) and Vivica (Gigi Rice), who mistake them for fat cats.

They pair up for some wild dancing and move on to an exclusive party at Zadir's plush residence. Will Doug and Steve strike it rich in clubland or cause gridlock in the fast lane?

Whatever happens, life will never be the same for the Roxbury guys - or for their angry, practical-minded father (Dan Hedaya); his pampered, jewelry-prone wife (Loni Anderson); or their young, seemingly shy Neighbour Emily (Molly Shannon) who, in reality, is hell-bent on manipulating Steve into marriage and their daddy's brilliant new venture - a lamps-and-plants business.

Also starring Lochlyn Munro. Based on the Saturday night live sketch created by Will and Chris.

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Wayne's world without the chic.

A night at the Roxbury is produced by the same guy who produced Saturday night live (a USA TV sketch comedy series) and co-incidentally took the original Wayne's world sketch and turned it into a movie. This will not surprise you if you happen to see the Butabi boys in action. They are two geeks who think that they're cool and really annoy everyone they encounter. The humour is American. Does that surprise anyone?

While I did guffaw more than three times while watching this film, it should be noted that I was laughing at the film, not with it. And I'm on pretty strong medication, too.

Imagine what would happen if someone tried to make a feature film out of one of the Full frontal sketches. Or even a TV series (Con the fruiterer? Hello? What were they thinking?) A 30 second joke stretched to fill an hour and a half. Hmmm. Don't be surprised (as if anyone could) when the heroes end up with the girls, the jobs and the lifestyle. This is the USA and dumb jerks always win.

Now you know how President Bush got elected.

If you really, really liked Wayne's world, than watch this flick, otherwise, save your money and see a movie instead.

Security censorship classification

M (Sexual references, low level coarse language)

Surveillance times

82 minutes (1:22 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS retail: 9 June 2000

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A night at the Roxbury image
A night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury imageA night at the Roxbury image

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