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National treasure - Nicolas Cage, Sean Bean, Diane Kruger, Jon Turteltaub

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Ben Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is an archaeologist and adventurer looking for the legendary lost treasure of the Templar Knights, spurred on by the stories he was told as a young man by his grandfather, John Adams Gates (Christopher Plummer), 20 years before. John tells Ben the secret hiding place for the treasure is encoded on the back of the USA Declaration of Independence, placed there by none other than the founders of the United States of America, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Ben's father, Patrick Henry Gates, is more than well aware that treasure hunting has been the curse of the Gates family and has soured on the entire idea. With the help of his best friend and partner in crime, a sarcastic, thrill-seeking computer expert named Riley Poole, Riley and his team careen from one grave predicament to another.

As an adult, Ben is contacted by Ian Howe (Sean Bean), a rich British adventurer who also dreams of finding the lost treasure. When Ben learns Howe's intentions for the treasure are less than the best, Ben comes into contact with Doctor Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), a pretty and young researcher involved in the preservation and display of the Declaration of Independence. At first, Abigail is sceptical of Ben and his wild stories but when Howe and his henchmen break into the National Archives, Abigail starts to believe. Taking the Declaration to Ben, Abigail becomes a partner in this crazy scheme, as they try to outwit Howe, as well as a team of FBI Special Agents, lead by Agent Sadusky (Harvey Keitel), charged with getting the Declaration back.

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  • Adventure history Declaration of Independence treasure hunt map Knights Templar

Persons of interest

  • Nicolas Cage .... Ben Franklin Gates
  • Justin Bartha .... Riley Poole
  • Sean Bean .... Ian Howe
  • Diane Kruger .... Doctor Abigail Chase
  • Harvey Keitel .... Agent Sadusky
  • Christopher Plummer .... John Adams Gates
  • David Dayan Fisher .... Shaw
  • Oleg Taktarov .... Shippen
  • Stewart Finlay-McLennan .... Powell
  • Mark Pellegrino .... Johnson
  • Annie Parisse .... Dawes
  • Armando Riesco .... Hendricks
  • Jon Turteltaub .... Storywriter
  • Ted Elliott .... Screenwriter
  • E Max Frye .... Screenwriter
  • Lowell Ganz .... Screenwriter
  • Jim Kouf .... Screenwriter
  • Babaloo Mandel .... Screenwriter
  • Terry Rossio .... Screenwriter
  • Cormac Wibberley .... Screenwriter
  • Marianne Wibberley .... Screenwriter
  • Jon Turteltaub .... Director

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Theatrical report

National treasure is a B-grade action flick that marries Indiana Jones with Face/off. I'm not a big fan of Nicolas Cage as he ususally manages to mostly play himself, this flick is no exception.

By the way, when you have eight (8) screenwriters working on the same film you know it's going to come out dodgy.

Security censorship classification

PG (Medium level violence)

Surveillance time

131 minutes (2:11 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 25 November 2004
DVD rental: 27 April 2005
VHS rental: 27 April 2005
UMD retail: 22 February 2006
DVD retail: 5 July 2006 - Double pack with Remember the Titans

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National treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure imageNational treasure image

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