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Nathalie... - Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Béart, Gérard Depardieu, Anne Fontaine

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Nathalie (Emmanuelle Béart) is the name a Parisian prostitute assumes for a special mission or "private investigation." She is engaged for this unusual, and secretive task by a professional, upper middle class wife who fears her husband is unfaithful to her. Nathalie has to seduce the clueless husband and regularly report all details of her relationship with him, including his most intimate sexual preferences in bed. Nathalie is stunning, charming and cunning. Can Nathalie and her reports to the mistrustful wife be trusted? Is the middle aged husband indeed unfaithful?

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Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film France French prostitute adultery marriage trust sex

Persons of interest

  • Fanny Ardant .... Catherine
  • Emmanuelle Béart .... Nathalie/Marlène
  • Gérard Depardieu .... Bernard
  • Wladimir Yordanoff .... François
  • Judith Magre .... Catherine's mother
  • Idit Cebula .... Ghislaine
  • Sasha Rucavina .... Marianne
  • Macha Polikarpova .... Ingrid
  • Marinette Lévy .... Marie
  • Philippe Blasband .... Creator
  • Jacques Fieschi .... Screenwriter
  • François-Olivier Rousseau .... Screenwriter
  • Anne Fontaine .... Screenwriter
  • Anne Fontaine .... Director

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MA 15+ (Sexual references)

Surveillance time

104 minutes (1:44 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 20 May 2004
DVD rental: 9 March 2005
VHS rental: 9 March 2005

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Nathalie... imageNathalie... imageNathalie... imageNathalie... imageNathalie... imageNathalie... image

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