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My year without sex - Sacha Horler, Matt Day, Jonathan Segat, Sarah Watt

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Sarah Watt's highly anticipated follow-up to 2005's critical and commercial success, Look Both Ways, My year without sex is a funny, heart-warming story of one modern Australian family and a year they'll never forget.

Set over one messy year, Ross (Matt Day) and Natalie (Sacha Horler) and their two kids, Louis (Jonathan Segat) and Ruby (Portia Bradley), navigate nits, faith, Christmas, job insecurity, footy practice, more nits, and the mounting issue of whether they will ever manage to have sex again.

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  • Film Australia comedy drama family brain bleed sex sneeze

Persons of interest

  • Sacha Horler .... Natalie
  • Matt Day .... Ross
  • Jonathan Segat .... Louis
  • Portia Bradley .... Ruby
  • Sonya Suares .... Rosie Singh
  • Petru Gheorghiu .... Con
  • Eddie Baroo .... Tim Donnelly
  • Travis Cotton .... Howard
  • Fred Whitlock .... Greg
  • Sean Rees-Wemyss .... Blake
  • Lauren Mikkor .... Georgia
  • Chloe Guymer .... Chloe
  • Katie Wall .... Winona
  • Maud Davey .... Margaret
  • Tammy McCarthy .... Irene
  • Klingon .... Bubblehead
  • William McInnes .... Antoinette
  • Sachin Joab .... Rohit
  • Stella McInnes .... Katie
  • Sarah Watt .... Screenwriter
  • Sarah Watt .... Director

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Theatrical report

My year without sex is one of those horror titles that grab your attention straight off the bat. In fact, it's such a good title that Sarah Watt gets bonus points for thinking of it. Just imagine, a whole year in which your only two choices are abstain or have sex and probably die from a brain bleed. What would you do? *Shudders* But as much as this is a horror film, it's also a drama, and like all Australian dramas, a bit of a comedy at the same time. (NB: Tragedy is just comedy without the laughs - Director of Intelligence.)

This movie is much lighter than Sarah's début, a deliciously tragic film, so this suffers by comparison (no matter how good a slice of bread is, it's never as good as toast, especially with Vegemite). Still, this is a different way of looking at life and we should never require - or allow - our artists to make a career out of repeating themselves. Sacha Horler and Matt Day make a good, suburban couple: their status as quality actors who Never Quite Hit The Big Time™ suits their comfortable but not actually successful characters. The kids are good in their supporting roles, especially Jonathan Segat, who looks like a young Craig Reucassel.

While not a stunning film, My year without sex is worth a look if you want to see a bit of life in the Aussie suburbs.

The Australia, comedy, drama movie My year without sex is directed by Sarah Watt and stars Sacha Horler, Matt Day, Jonathan Segat.

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M (Sexual references and coarse language)

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92 minutes (1:32 hours)

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Film: 28 May 2009
DVD retail: 10 October 2009

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