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My flesh and blood - Susan Tom, Jonathan Karsh

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My flesh and blood

is a documentary about the Tom family - 11 special needs children adopted by Fairfield, California USA, mother Susan Tom - and the story of Susan's battle with her emotionally disturbed teenage son. With limited help from the state, Susan cares for a bustling and often chaotic house of children with conditions ranging from genetic skin disease to missing limbs. Encouraged by Susan to feel a sense of self-acceptance, most of the children thrive despite their disabilities. But Susan's limits are tested when her enraged 15-year-old son threatens to kill one of his siblings. And when one child unexpectedly dies, the Tom family must come to understand death at an early age. My flesh and blood follows the Tom family in what turns out to be the most tumultuous year of their lives.

Persons of interest

  • Susan Tom .... Herself
  • Jonathan Karsh .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2003: Won: Audience Award (Jonathan Karsh), FIPRESCI Prize (Jonathan Karsh - With this sort of emotive topic the film could easily have lend itself to sentimental treatment. Instead, the director handels the theme with passion but also evenhandedness and craft)
    • Florida Film Festival 2003: Won: Special Jury Award Best Documentary Feature (Jonathan Karsh)
    • International Press Academy Satellite Awards 2004: Nominated: Best Documentary Motion Picture
    • International Documentary Association 2003: Won: Honorable Mention Feature Documentaries (Jonathan Karsh, Jennifer Chaiken); Nominated: Feature Documentaries (Jennifer Chaiken, Jonathan Karsh)
    • Melbourne International Film Festival 2003: Screening
    • Sundance Film Festival 2003: Won: Audience Award Documentary (Jonathan Karsh), Director's Award Documentary (Jonathan Karsh); Nominated Grand Jury Prize Documentary (Jonathan Karsh)
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83 minutes (1:23)

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Film: Undated 2004

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